Mike Tyson’s Pre-Fight ‘Vampire Diet’ Confession Sparks Unsavoury Rumours

Old habits die hard...

Mike Tyson’s Pre-Fight ‘Vampire Diet’ Confession Sparks Unsavoury Rumours

Image: DMARGE/Sun

Ahead of Mike Tyson’s long-awaited bout with YouTube star Jake Paul, a bloody training tactic of Tyson’s has sparked rumours that he may be circling back to old habits…

There’s a mind-boggling amount of hype around the Mike Tyson v. Jake Paul boxing match that’s coming up later this year. After the announcement that it’s officially a professional fight and the emergence of a video that shows things quickly turning south for a fan who accidentally caught the champion boxer in a spar, things have only begun to heat up further.

As the boxing world gears up for the electrifying showdown on July 20th, Mike Tyson has revealed that he’s not only drawing on his legendary strength but has also adopted a pretty unorthodox nutritional regimen. The former heavyweight champion, now 57, is set to face 27-year-old Jake Paul in Tyson’s first official non-exhibition boxing match since 2005. This historic event will take place at the iconic AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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In a recent appearance on the Damon Elliott Show, Tyson revealed that he’s undertaken a contentious raw meat diet. The choice has piqued interest and speculation alike, not least because of Tyson’s notorious past involving an infamous moment with Evander Holyfield’s ear, suggesting a historic taste for blood…

While Tyson joked about his preparations, the sideways reference to his former bite has sent the internet hype machine alight with rumours that Tyson may put his newly sharpened teeth to work in July.

The bout itself breaks away from traditional boxing norms, featuring eight two-minute rounds with fighters donning 14-ounce gloves. Although officially sanctioned by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations last month, these unique rules lend the event a delicate blend of authenticity and spectacle that, if the online hype is anything to go by, seems to be whipping fans into a perfect frenzy ahead of the big day.

With a career record of 50-6 and 44 knockouts, Tyson clearly has the edge in experience and accolades over Paul, who boasts a 9-1 record with victories against former UFC stars and less-known boxers. Despite the age gap, Tyson’s return to the ring is not just a test of his physical prowess but also a testament to his enduring appeal and seemingly timeless ability to whip up controversy, as reflected by commentary online…

“He definitely finna bite this [dude’s] ear!!!”


“That Explains the ear bite… Mike was hungry mid fight 😂”


“Telling ya he about to eat that guy 😂”


As fight night looms, this raw meat revelation and these allusions to Tyson’s wilder days are shaping the narrative into one of the most anticipated comebacks in sports history. Far more than just a fight, this is set to become an internet-powered spectacle doused with blood, sweat, and cheers…