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These $178 Men’s Sneakers Are The Smartest Way To Handle Winter’s Worst

Ready to brave the cold?

Winter is rolling in fast, and you’ll soon realise those white sneakers you’ve been wearing all summer are starting to wither in the colder, harsher conditions. Whilst you might not think another pair of sneakers might not be the solution to your winter woes, this pair from Oliver Cabell might prove you wrong.

Constructed from a combination of Italian calfskin leather, Spanish leather and Italian rubber, Oliver Cabell’s sneakers are made from the best of the best. Pair this with a highly scrutinised production and manufacturing process in Spain and you have yourself some of the longest-lasting sneakers around. This quality is essential for a good winter shoe as they face more water, muck and temperature fluctuations than they would in any other season. The last thing you want is cold, soggy feet after a long day on the run.

Whilst white is most definitely the colour of choice for summer sneakers, they won’t last long in wet, cold winters. The use of black leather and hardy waxed laces will keep these sneakers looking good and your feet protected throughout the winter months. Not only will this black look better with some grime on it but it will suit the darker clothes typically worn in winter. 

You might think the low cut isn’t ideal for winter but, pair them with some long socks and not only will they look great with jeans, chinos and any other pair of trousers but you’ll be protected from the cold and wind. Not to mention their sleek, clean silhouette will keep you looking sharp no matter what your wearing, something most other winter shoes don’t offer.

The Low 1 performs on every angle you could possibly scrutinise a sneaker on and they enable you to continue wearing sneakers throughout the winter months. You can score a pair from Oliver Cabell for $178, a bargain considering the quality, versatility and timeless style of the shoe. 

Shop Oliver Cabell Sneakers $178

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