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The 19 Best Winter Boots For Men To Beat The Cold & Keep The Heat

Tough, warm and weatherproof.

Winter isn’t everyone’s favourite season, but it can get a whole lot better with a quality pair of winter boots. Winter is considered the harshest of the seasons in most places, it brings in high winds, freezing temperatures, more rain, and, even, snow.

When you’re trundling around a cold environment, it’s your shoes that spend most of the time in contact with the cold snow, rain, and ice which is why it’s important to protect your extremities with a quality pair of winter boots.

A good pair of boots will keep you warm and dry for many winters to come and will enable you to enjoy the coldest season as much as possible. There’s a wide range of styles out there, some capable of climbing Everest and others better suited to a stroll through the city on a rainy day.

Consider your climate, conditions, and travel plans when picking a winter boot as you wouldn’t want something too cumbersome for a drizzle. It’s a good idea to invest in quality materials and construction techniques like Gore-Tex and Goodyear welts to ensure the boot lasts you for many winters to come.

Winter Boot FAQs

Should winter boots be a size bigger?

No. Winter boots are generally made slightly larger than other types of footwear, so you do not need to go up a size when buying.

What is the best material for winter boots?

For winter boots, the upper material needs to be both strong and water-resistant. Look for boots made with nylon or leather with pre-treated waterproofing.

What is the best fastening/closure for winter boots?

It depends on your preference. Lace-ups will adjust to the shape of your legs, while zippers will allow for quick and easy taking on and off.

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