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The Best Men’s Winter & Hiking Boots To Beat The Cold & Keep The Heat

Tough, warm and weatherproof.

Winter isn’t everyone’s favourite season, but it can get a whole lot better with a quality pair of winter boots. Winter is considered the harshest of the seasons in most places, it brings in high winds, freezing temperatures, more rain and snow. When you’re trundling around a cold environment it’s your shoes that spend most of the time in contact with the cold snow, rain and ice and hence it’s important to protect your extremities with a quality pair of winter boots.

A good pair of boots will keep you warm and dry for many winters to come and will enable you to enjoy the coldest season as much as possible. There are a range of styles out there, some capable of climbing Everest and others better suited to a stroll through rainy Sydney. Consider your climate, conditions and travel plans when picking a winter boot as you wouldn’t want something too cumbersome for a drizzle. It’s a good idea to invest in quality materials and construction techniques like Gore-Tex and Goodyear welts to ensure the boot last you for many winters to come.

We have compiled a selection of high-quality, sturdy and stylish winter boots so that you can tackle winter’s worst head-on.


Kamik has been family owned and run since 1898. Based in Canada, they know a thing or two about harsh, winter conditions and for over 120 they have been developing boots to handle it. Not only do they want to keep you warm and comfortable, Kamik hopes by wearing their boots you are able to do anything you want, no matter the weather.

Kamik Griffon Winter Boot
Griffon Winter Boot $105


Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1938, Columbia Sportswear has become synonymous with performance outdoor wear that is capable of handling even the worst of weather. Their winter boots are ultra-comfortable, yet will still keep you warm and dry no matter what weather you encounter.

Columbia Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boot
Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boot $130


Founded in 1962, Sorel was originally started to produce quality boots that were capable of handling deep now, yet still looked great. Today the brand has evolved to produce shoes for all seasons with their ‘of the moment’ design ethos.

Sorel Men’s Caribou™ Boot
Caribou™ Boot $160


Forsake was founded by two ski friends who got sick and tired of returning home with numb, cold feet after a day on the mountain and in the town. As a result, they started Forsake and have ended up mastering a whole new shoe segment, one that pairs modern sneaker design with durability, warmth and weatherproof qualities. If you’re looking for something that will handle all conditions that is stylish, look no further.

Forsake Range High
Range High $160

Helly Hansen

Founded in Norway in 1877, Helly Hansen produces professional-grade gear that helps people tackle and weather conditions. They were the first brand to develop waterproof fabrics over 140 years ago and to this day continue to innovate so they can provide the highest performing outdoor clothing and gear. If you’re looking for some dependable, innovative boots to tackle this winter head-on, look no further.

Helly Hansen Garibaldi V3 Boot
Garibaldi V3 Boot $160


Timberland’s 6-inch premium waterproof boot is arguably one of the most famous and iconic winter boots of all time. Founded in Boston in 1952, Timberland produces an array of boots for outdoor use. Not only are their boots extremely functional and hard-wearing, but they’ve become an icon in street culture too.

Timberland Men's 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots
6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots $198


Hunter was established in 1856 and has become famous as a progressive British brand that makes some of the finest wellingtons or gumboots known to man. Whilst the brand has existed for many years, they have committed to revolutionising their products and the industry with the implementation of new, innovative materials and production techniques. It is pretty well impossible to get your feet wet in a pair of Hunters.

Hunter Men's Original Tall Wellington Boots Dark Olive
Original Tall Wellington Boots | Dark Olive $215


Arc’teryx was founded in Canada and continues all of its operations there to this day. They believe in order to produce the best performing products, they need to place themselves in the epicentre of where they’re going to be used. The environments and weather of Canada is the source of inspiration for the brand and forces them to innovate and improve their products in order to meet the ever changes conditions they experience. Arc’teryx boots will perform above and beyond your expectations and will last a lifetime.

Arc'teryx Acrux TR GTX Boot Men's
Acrux TR GTX Boot $240

Red Wing

For more than 110 years, Red Wing has been producing hard-wearing, durable boots that also reign supreme when it comes to comfort. The Minnesota based firm was founded to create boots for the hard-working individuals in the local area who needed a shoe for their jobs in logging, mining and farming. The brand continues to make its most iconic boot 8138 Heritage which is more popular than ever.

Red Wing 8138 Heritage Work 6 Moc Toe Boot
8138 Heritage Work 6 Moc Toe Boot $305


Back in 1883, Mr G.A. Krause founded Wolverine as a small leather tannery with only a handful of employees. Their dedication to creating quality craftsmanship has made them famous for comfort and toughness. Their most iconic boot the 1000 mile was built for work and was named after it’s ability to be used for 1000+ miles plus on the job.

Wolverine 1000 Mile x Stormy Kromer Original Wedge
1000 Mile x Stormy Kromer Original Wedge $375


Danner was founded in 1932 in Portland, Oregon by Mr Charles Danner. Originally, he set out to build the best boots for loggers, since then the brand has expanded to make boots for workers, adventurers and city slickers alike. The one thing that all Danner boots have in common is a relentless commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The Danner’s most iconic boot, the ‘Mountain Light’ was the boot of choice for James Bond in Spectre.

Danner Mountain Light Cascade Clovis
Mountain Light Cascade Clovis $380


Founded by two brothers in Montebelluna, Italy in 1992, Diemme has built a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Their winter boots are available in a range of minimalist colours and are crafted from leathers that are treated in innovative ways to keep the water and cold out. Their sleek, clean lines promise a sporty, modern look all whilst embracing a classic silhouette.

Diemme Black Roccia Vet Boots
Black Roccia Vet Boots $610

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Winter Boots & Hiking Boots FAQ

Should winter boots be a size bigger?

No. Winter boots are generally made slightly larger than other types of footwear, so you do not need to go up a size when buying.

What is the best material for winter boots?

For winter boots, the upper material needs to be both strong and water resistant. Look for one made with nylon or leather with pre-treated waterproofing.

What is the best fastening/closure for winter boots?

It depends on your preference. Lace-ups will adjust to the shape of your legs, while zippers will allow for quick and easy wearing and take off.


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