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20 Best Winter Clothes Brands For Men Keeping Warm In 2023

The winter clothes for men you need to score this season.

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Looking for some cool and stylish winter clothes to survive the drop in temperature this year? You’ve come to the right place.

Great men’s winter clothing is all about layering, but it also pays to invest in winter clothing that benefits from high-end technology and premium fabrics, as they’re designed specifically designed to fight the cold. And while it seems the big-name designer brands are creating the best winter menswear, there are also lesser-known brands creating some of the most impressive winter gear too; you just need to know what to look out for.

What to look for in men’s winter clothes

A warm base layer that provides heat retention and moisture-wicking properties is ideal. But, if you’re looking for a looking base layer that feels super soft on the skin, consider flannel or an organic cotton long sleeve top.

Outerwear with a water and wind-resistant layer is essential too, and if your jacket comes with a detachable hood, even better, as it can provide versatility for a range of weather conditions.

You of course also want to make sure your winter clothing has plenty of insulation, without being bulky, as you still want to be able to move around freely.

And, it should go without saying, but you also want your winter clothing to look good. When the temperature drops, you’re going to be wearing your best winter pieces most of the time, so looking good is also par for the course.

Men’s winter clothing FAQs

How should a man dress warm?

Layering is essential when putting together a winter outfit. A moisture-wicking underlayer is excellent, especially when paired with a knit sweater or jumper over the top and a highly insulated jacket. For a casual look, throw on a pair of versatile black jeans and some sneakers. For additional accessories, you may want to consider wearing a scarf and beanie too.

What is the warmest winter fabric?

There's a massive selection of fabrics to look out for when upgrading your winter wardrobe. Wool, cotton, nylon cashmere, hemp, flannel, faux fur, and fleece are all fine high-quality materials to keep you warm.

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