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22 Best Men’s Waterproof Shoes & Sneakers For Making A Splash

Waterproof shoes for men of the everyday elements.

22 Best Men’s Waterproof Shoes & Sneakers For Making A Splash

We’ve all been there. You see the sun outside, you put your freshest pair of shoes on and you head out for the day. But then Mother Nature decides she wants to piss all over those white sneakers of yours and quite literally rains on your parade.

Water starts splashing at your feet, puddles form, and you inevitably find yourself ankle-deep in one, your feet and socks become soaked, and your day is ruined, forcing you to curse every expletive under the sun at the sky.

Enter waterproof shoes….

You can easily invest in a rainproof jacket to keep your body dry, so why not give your feet the same treatment? Fortunately, there are plenty of pairs of waterproof shoes and waterproof sneakers available today that make generous use of innovative materials in their DNA, so you needn’t worry any longer about walking around in your own personal squelching puddles.

Many of the pairs on this list have been designed to be waterproof from the get-go, and we’ll admit their designs might not be to everyone’s taste. However, some younger brands have been able to do their research and understand exactly what it is the modern gent needs from a pair of waterproof sneakers, so have been able to combine timeless style with modern waterproof tech.

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