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10 Best Men’s Raincoats & Rain Jackets

Face the elements with a cool veneer.

There’s nothing better than cuddling up under a cosy blanket, with a piping hot cup of tea, and Netflix queued up & ready to go on a rainy, wet day. However, life isn’t always that kind when it comes to weather; most times when it’s miserable and pouring rain, it’s a weekday and you have to brave the insane weather to get to work or some other non-postponable commitment.

Sure, we all have umbrellas but more often than not, we still get wet and the winds that accompany rain wreak havoc on our brollies. However, there is a perfect solution: the raincoat. No longer bright yellow and reserved for children under 6, men’s raincoats are now available in a wide selection of colours and styles that’ll keep you dry but also elevate your outfit.

Rain can hit at any time, whether it’s summer or winter, so when choosing a raincoat or rain jacket you need to consider whether you want a lightweight coat that won’t overheat you, or a well-insulated jacket that’ll keep you both warm and dry. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve selected the best men’s raincoats on the market, and you’re guaranteed to find one that’ll meet your rainy day needs whilst also keeping you effortlessly stylish.

Stylish Raincoats & Jackets FAQ

How do I choose a good raincoat?

When deciding on a raincoat, choose one that is breathable with fabric that will not take days to dry out. Check also for durability. You will want your raincoat to last for a long time.

What is the best length for a raincoat?

There are two ideal lengths for a raincoat: mid-thigh or calf-length. Shorter, waist-size rain jackets may look stylish, but they do not really provide the cover you need, particularly in the bottom part of your body.

Which color raincoat should I get?

Choose neutral shades like blacks, grays or beige so they will work well with most of your outfits. If you want something more stylish, try dark blue or red.