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10 Best Men’s Rain Boots For Beating The Wet [2023]

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Rain boots are a must-have thanks to their waterproof and durable construction. However, there’s often a preconceived notion that all rainboots are Wellington or gumboots – tall and rubbery in their design. But rain boots are a lot more versatile than we give them credit for, as there’s a whole range that can seamlessly blend into casual wear.

The very first pair of rain boots were created by Arthur Wellesley – also known as the Duke of Wellington, in the early 19th century. While serving in the military, Wellesley asked his shoemaker to modify his riding boots, which resulted in a form-fitting, tassel free design. Soon after, “Wellingtons” became a staple piece of practical footwear, adopted by the military and British aristocracy.

Today, rain boots are no longer exclusive to the wealthy but instead considered a practical and stylish winter shoe that can endure all kinds of weather.

Men’s Rain Boots FAQs

What's the difference between duck boots and rain boots?

Traditional rain boots or gumboots are usually constructed out of thick rubber, giving them an extremely waterproof exterior to protect you in wet climates. Duck boots, however, are typically leather and have a rubber outsole. Duck boots are intended to be high performing while tackling rocky surfaces, but they can still sustain in wet weather too.

Can winter boots be used as rain boots?

Winter boots can be worn as rain boots, as these shoes are usually waterproof and highly insulated. However, rain boots have a thick, more durable construction and provide more coverage in the rain. Make sure if you do opt for a winter boot in the rain, they are also laced with fleece to keep you warm.

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We’ve rounded up the best rain boots that are highly protective and fashionable. Regardless of whether you’re after a traditional gumboot or a minimalist casual rain boot style, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect rainboot below.