Nutritionist Explains Why Grain-Fed Beef Is Not As Bad As You Think

Your budget bolognese just got a whole lot tastier.

We’re constantly being told that organic produce is best for us and that anything else we stuff in our faces may as well be considered trash. Yes, there is certainly some truth to this – the nutrient content will be greater, for example – but it’s not to say that the ‘trashy’ foods should be completely disregarded.

At least, that’s the opinion of Max Lugavere, an American nutritionist who regularly provides deeper insights into the foods we eat, while also revealing hacks that allow us to find beneficial foods on a budget. This time, he’s taken to  Instagram to dispel the myths surrounding “lower quality” foods, and to let us know that there are in fact genuine alternatives to organic produce that still provide the nutritional content we need. For example, if you can’t get your hands on, or afford grass-fed beef, then you’re perfectly fine to buy grain-fed instead.

Why? Max says if you can still find yourself a lean cut of grain-fed beef, then “you can still enjoy the broad nutritional benefits, including its potent nutrient density.” A lean cut of meat is simply a piece of meat without the fat on it, and by trimming it away, you reduce your saturated fat intake and subsequently lower your cholesterol too.


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Max admits that grain-fed varieties will likely come with herbicides, so says you should wash them off. While a quick rinse under a tap should do the trick, he adds, “For an even more effective wash, consider soaking for 20 mins in diluted vinegar, salt, or baking soda, each of which has been shown to be even more effective at removing most of the residues from some of the more commonly used pesticides.”

It’s not just red meat he says you can make perfectly acceptable substitutes for either, as eggs, no matter where they come from, are “rich in vitamin B12, choline, and protein.” He also says that farmed fish, while nowhere near as good as fresh, is still better for you that a boxed ready meal. It still provides a great source of protein and essential fats such as omega 3.

So even though there will be plenty of people out there telling you to only eat sustainable foods – or better yet, give up animal products entirely – choosing non-organic produce can not only still provide a number of health benefits, but it will much less of a dent in your bank account too.

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