Lewis Hamilton’s God Complex On Full Display As Met Gala Red Carpet Heats Up

GOAT or God?

Lewis Hamilton’s God Complex On Full Display As Met Gala Red Carpet Heats Up

Image: Twitter

The 2024 Met Gala has already served up a string of great menswear looks, but Lewis Hamilton, never to be outdone, has gone full messiah mode.

Lewis Hamilton has been a style icon for as long as we can remember, using his now vast wealth to rock up to every Grand Prix and red carpet event decked out in top-end designer gear, often straight off the runway (if it’s even made it to the runway at all…)

Tonight’s Met Gala is no exception. The F1 kingpin has arrived sporting an all-black look that eschews many of the formal menswear conventions but undoubtedly aligns flawlessly with this personal style and, arguably, ploughs an exciting new furrow that a number of other celebs are likely to follow.

Image: Getty

While the floral-textured black overcoat and mandarin collar jacket make for a powerful but understated silhouette, it’s Hamilton’s choice of bejewelled accessories that really caught our eye. While his usual display of rings and bracelets adds a welcome glimmer to the look, it’s his necklace of thorns that really caught our eye.

We know Hamilton is a Formula 1 GOAT in the eyes of many, but is he making a sideways allusion to his god-like status?

Completing the look with ankle boots and signature shades, this is a great look even by Hamilton’s sky-high standards. While he’s yet to enjoy a moment at the gala quite as titillating as Daniel Riccardo’s run-in with Anne Hathaway last year, he’ll easily take home the DMARGE award for best-dressed sportsman.

Image: Reddit

What we like most about this outfit, without a doubt, is that it reinforces the eternal truth that an all-black look is a simple, timeless way to always cut a dash at any event, regardless of formality levels or dress code.

That being said, we’ve got a lot of time for a Tom Ford-style injection of colour; maybe Hamilton can keep this in the back pocket for next year…