The Unsung Heroes Of A Gentleman’s Bathroom Cabinet

Five items that every man needs

The Unsung Heroes Of A Gentleman’s Bathroom Cabinet

With face scrubs, face washes and moisturisers dominating much of the focus of the male grooming market it’s easy to forget other mens grooming essentials that help us look our best. Shaving brushes, nail clippers, loofahs and tweezers may not get as much attention as their fellow grooming products but are vital to the whole process nonetheless.

Each and everyday these items help in their small way to address our grooming concerns. It is with this article that we shine a light on these unsung heroes of the bathroom cabinet and celebrate their role in our grooming routine.

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Nail Clippers

When shaking someone’s hand you tend to notice two things; the grasp of their hand and the state of their nails. Long and poorly maintained nails are never a good look and as long nails attract and trap dirt it is both physically unappealing and an issue for your health. Invest in a good pair of stainless steel nail clippers to keep long nails in check.Clippers will ensure a smooth, even cut of the nail and avoid a jagged and messy look.

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Tweezing hair from your nose, face or eyebrows may not seem appealing to most men but it is the most precise and effective method of hair removal. Tweezers are the most effective tool for precision hair removal as the hair is removed from the root, allowing more time before the hair reappears. Shaving excess hair on your eyebrows, for example, is both redundant and risky. Not only will the hair appear more frequently with shaving but will also grow back thicker. So do away with that unsightly monobrow and if you’re feeling brave enough remove that hair protruding from your nostrils.

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Portable Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers

If you’re not feeling brave enough to attack stray hairs with a pair of tweezers you can turn to a nose hair trimmer. Nose & ear hair trimmers allow you to avoid the unpleasant feeling that comes from plucking hair and instead removes hair in a quick and convenient way. Small blades also ensure you won’t forsake precision for comfort. The removal of excess hair is just another part of the grooming process, with a nose & ear hair trimmer this part of your routine will be sure to be quick, painless and convenient.

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Dental Floss

You may or may not know this but bad breathe is often the cause of not flossing. Then speak to your local dentist and they’ll tell you that flossing helps reduce cavaties which will ultimately save you a lot of money down the track. Believe me, I know after spending $5,000 at the dentist recently. Get yourself a stash of dental floss and ensure you add this 30 second practice to your daily routine. 

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Loofah Sponge

A loofah is an important tool for male grooming and one that is often under utilised due to its perception of being only for females.  A loofah sponge offers incredible exfoliating qualities for the entire body. Exfoliating your face regularly is an important part of your grooming routine so why not extend that to the rest of your body? Remove built up dead skin and dirt from your arms, feet, chest and help to prevent the appearance of dreaded backne.

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Although these items may not receive the same level of fanfare as other grooming products they are essential to our daily grooming routine. Invest in some of these unsung heroes and allow them to come to the rescue of your grooming ailments.