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10 Best Golf Gloves For Men To Buy In 2023

Don't let your golf club slip from your grasp with these best golf gloves.

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What you wear on the golf course has never been more relevant than when talking about the best golf gloves. A modern staple of the game of golf, nowadays a gloveless golfer is essentially a naked golfer…and nobody wants to see that.

What to look for in a golf glove?

When looking for the right fit of golf glove, there are a few things you need to consider; feel, grip and overall comfort. It isn’t just a five-finger blanket to make you look like a pro, it is your hand, and finding the best golf glove for you might be the key to improving your game.

There’s a glove out there for all hand shapes and sizes, for any kind of shot, no matter where you are on the course. For those long, driving shots right off the tee, a golf glove will keep your hand from blistering and help to keep the club firm in your grip as you make your swing. When taking a putt, wearing a single golf glove on your dominant hand can keep the club straight and be the deciding factor to keep you under par.

What are the benefits of the best golf gloves?

While they can keep your hands safe from blisters, golf gloves can also protect you from the harsh, and annoying effects of the weather. If you are a regular on the course, you know the struggles of taking off a sweat-drenched glove and finding it the next day shrunken and shrivelled.

To avoid that, most golf gloves today emphasise breathability so that those hot days aren’t cooking your hands and you can slide them off with ease. On cooler days, your hands can get so brittle from the chill, so some of the best golf gloves are specially designed to keep your hands warm, but let it be known, these golf gloves can be a little bulkier than your average golf glove.

What’s the best golf glove?

All the major brands have brought all of their expertise and resources into making the best golf gloves to complement their comfortable and high performing golf clothing, and this buying guide combines the very best in the game from sportswear brands like Under Armour and even brands that make designing golf gloves their priority, such as Bionic.