What People Want To Change Most In Their Spouse

What People Want To Change Most In Their Spouse

It’s Monday again and what a weekend it has been. There was the Federal Election, a little unexpected sun, and the start of Dry July for all of you poor, yet sensible, souls keen to get their booze intake in check.

Whether you’re wondering why Ryan Reynolds is perfect husband material, what on earth NASA’s mission to Jupiter is all about, how you can rent a furry friend or it’s lunchtime and you’re just plain hungry, here are 5 Pointless and Awesome facts to ease the Monday madness. You’re welcome.

#1 What People Want To Change In Their Spouse


Nobody is perfect but having the ‘perfect’ spouse is clearly a priority in our modern world. Plastic Surgery Portal conducted a survey of over 750 married people to find out what they liked best and least about their spouses’ physical traits, and here’s what they found:

  • Millennials (aged 26-33) are more likely to call themselves superficial than any other generation.
  • 39% of surveyors reported the entire face most attractive, followed by eyes (17%) and the of course, the butt (10%).
  • 31% of surveyors think the stomach is the least attractive part of their spouse’s appearance.
  • 33% of respondents said they dislike their spouse’s stomach enough that they would change it, followed by teeth at 11%.
  • Length of marriage also plays a role, with a shocking 18% of respondents reporting that they no longer find their spouse attractive at all.
  • Almost 8% of spouses stop finding their partner attractive after the first 2 years of marriage.
  • 71% of people married 6-10 years think their spouse could lose some weight.
  • Only 32% rated their spouse’s attractiveness as a perfect 10 when they first met.


#2 Interesting Facts About NASA’s Mission To Jupiter


Did you know that this week NASA’s Juno Mission arrives in orbit around Jupiter? After 5 years and 445 million miles the mission will begin an unprecedented scientific study of the planet that shaped our solar system. Here are 5 things you need to know about this ambitious and ground-breaking mission, via Gizmodo.

  1. By the time Juno arrives in Jupiter’s orbit, it will be one of the fastest human-made objects in history, moving approximately 260,000km/h relative to Earth.
  2. Even outfitted with a first-of-its-kind radiation vault, Juno will accrue radiation damage over time. By the end of its mission in February 2018, it will have been dosed with the equivalent of 100 million dental X-rays.
  3. When Juno phones home to tell us that its orbital insertion manoeuvre went off smoothly, the signal it sends to Earth will be roughly a billion times weaker than what you’d receive in a typical phone call.
  4. Juno is the furthest solar powered mission ever conceived, built to run on the sun in an environment 25 times dimmer than the Earth.
  5. JunoCam allows amateur astronomers to decide which of Jupiter’s swirling storm clouds should be photographed during each of Juno’s 33 close flybys.

#3 Overheard At The Australian Polling Booths


What happens at the polling booth, stays at the polling booth, right? Wrong. As Australians across the country pondered over political parties and got stuck into the sausage sizzle voting at the Federal Election on Saturday, plenty of things were said and overheard at the polling booths. Here’s some gems, via News.com.au

  • “How many trees did we cut down for this?”
  • “When do you find out if you’ve won?” (little boy to his dad after he’d voted)
  • “Come here and tell mummy who to vote for”
  • “Should I put a tick or a cross in the boxes?”
  • A hungover guy asking if he had to write his name on his ballot paper.
  • “Wow, wow she’s hot, I’ll vote for her”
  • “Australian Sex Party – where you cum first”

Ah, ‘straya.

#4 Unexpected Things You Can Rent


“We’re moving toward an access society, where you’re not defined by the things you own but the experiences you have,” Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky recently said. With a study published in TIME reporting that nearly half of American adults are engaging in the access economy, temporarily owning innovations and luxuries are as easy as ordering an Uber or logging into Netflix. Here are some companies expanding the spectrum of available experiences with items for rent that will blow your mind, via GOOD & Huffington Post.

  1. Sex Dungeons: KinkBNB allows people to rent spaces designed and equipped for sexual satisfaction.
  2. Solar Panels: Yeloha, currently available in the U.S., offers homeowners the ability to become “sun partners” and tap into cheap, sustainable energy from someone else’s roof.
  3. Pets: Walkzee lets you borrow a shelter dog to take for a walk – a service beneficial to both human and animal.
  4. A Line Stander: SameOleLineDudes charges $25 for the first and hour and $10 for each additional hour to wait in line for your show tickets, restaurants or anything else.
  5. A Friend: Rent A Friend allows you to hire a person to show you around a new town, teach you a new skill, introduce you to other people, go to a movie or restaurant with you and more.

#5 The History Of The Hot Dog


It’s the 4th of July, and as such, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island in New York City is in full swing. In fact, Nathan’s Famous is this year celebrating 100 years of selling hot dogs and in honour of the occasion, here are some interesting facts about the delicious bread and meat treat, via TIME.

  • The term ‘hot dog’ is thought to have originated from sporting events of the 1880s and early 1890s. The ‘hot’ part referred to hot sausages (often called ‘red hots’) and the ‘dog’ part may have come from questionable sausage ingredients.
  • Hot dogs became an American favourite when food-cart vendors put wieners in buns so they could be eaten without utensils by factory workers who worked too far from home to go back for mealtimes.
  • At the turn of the 20th century, when going to the beach started becoming something the middle and working classes could do, hot dog carts became a popular option at destinations like Coney Island.