Matthew McConaughey Is Moving Into The Bourbon Business

Matthew McConaughey

Most actors enter a mid-year life cycle where they decide to join a political party or back an obscure startup. Not Matthew McConaughey. The 46-year-old Magic Mike actor has just signed on as the creative director of Wild Turkey bourbon.

Hoping to be far more than just a face to the brand, McConaughey was keen to partake in the art of traditional American bourbon making in order to mark his own influence and take on the drink. Proving his dedication to the new role was simple enough with McConaughey dropping by Wild Turkey’s headquarters in Kentucky to find out how every bottle is made as well as the faces behind the brand.

His new job will utilise his acting chops perfectly as “a storyteller for Wild Turkey behind the camera and in front of it,” according to a press release.

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Furthermore, McConaughey will also direct and write a series of television and digital ad campaigns for the drink maker. Whether you’re a fan of American bourbon or not, it’s still intriguing to see where McConaughey can take the Wild Turkey name into the future. More blends? Exclusive small batches? A more up-market appeal? The bourbon world will just have to wait and see what ideas come to fruition.

“I told them, ‘I don’t want to be just a face. I have ideas. I’m an idea man,’” McConaughey said in a New York Times interview of his latest gig.

Watch the cool short film above which reflects the quaint life of Americana.