How Much Men Need To Make To Improve Their Attractiveness

Another date, another dollar.

Attractive Rich Men

Here’s some motivation to get your finances in order this new year.

A fresh study has found that women are four times as sensitive to salary when it comes to finding a suitable partner than men on the same quest.

Whilst many will bemoan the collective cries of “no shit, genius”, it’s the specificity and detail in which the study goes into that’s interesting. Published in the Evolution and Human Behaviour journal, the results were concluded via a simple test that involved presenting photos of men and women alongside information of the subject’s annual salary.

This was enough to gauge how money influenced the attractiveness rating of men across the U.S, China and Europe.

And here’s the real kicker. The study’s author John Speakman revealed that, “a man can move himself two points higher on the attractiveness scale we used if his salary increases by a factor of ten”.

We repeat. A not-so-humble factor of ten.

“For a female to achieve the same two-point effect her salary would need to increase by 10,000 times.”

The theory behind this lies in the belief that females tend to be more sensitive to a man’s earnings due to the need for resources to invest in their offspring. Men meanwhile are less focused on a woman’s salary and more inclined towards their appearance and youthful looks as this pertains to a fertile partner.

Speakman didn’t hold back on his findings either, telling The Times that men who wanted to attract women this way should openly splash cash.

“This potentially explains a previous study that showed men give more money to charity when women are watching them than when other males are watching.”
The study is considered a significant find as it’s the first time that a men’s salary has been compared to a woman’s in regards to attractiveness levels.

Believable in today’s society? You be the judge.