Samsung’s S24 Galaxy Smartphone Is $200 Off For Australians Right Now

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Samsung’s S24 Galaxy Smartphone Is $200 Off For Australians Right Now

The latest entrant in the burgeoning smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy S24, has become a lot more accessible thanks to a generous A$200 discount offered by Kogan.

Originally priced at A$1,399, this truly cutting-edge device is now going for just A$1,194.95. This healthy price drop marks an opportune moment for tech junkies and smartphone aficionados to upgrade to a top-end device without breaking the bank.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 boasts a very impressive array of specifications that set it apart from its predecessors and competitors. Featuring an Armor Aluminium frame in a rounded and durable form it also boasts bezel reduction which simultaneously helps ensure a panoramic, virtually distraction-free user experience on its 6.2” display 

At the heart of the S24 is its powerful next-generation processor, ensuring seamless performance across applications and gaming, while its space-age Galaxy AI capabilities pave the way for a whole host of slick new communication features, including the all-new ‘Circle to Search’ with Google a real-time personal voice translator for phone calls and messaging.

The new S24 series. Image: Samsung

Photography enthusiasts will be thrilled with its state-of-the-art camera system. Space Zoom, complete with Nightography, makes capturing incredible shots in dim light easy. If you throw some AI-driven enhancements into the mix, even the most amateur photographer can create gallery-ready visual marvels.

It also comes equipped with Super HDR  providing lifelike brightness, colour, and contrast, helping to enhance photographic output time and time again. 

If you’re one of those photographers who lives for the edit, then you too are in luck: Galaxy AI goes far beyond conventional photo editing, automatically suggesting pro-level edits like reflection or object removal and even background fill based on intelligent content analysis.

Additionally, the S24 comes equipped with a robust battery life, supporting fast charging and ensuring that users can stay connected throughout the day without frequent recharges.

While labelling the Galaxy S24 Series as ‘groundbreaking’ may sound like a cliche, in our opinion it’s a genuine reflection of the transformative nature of Samsung products.