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5 Tequila Brands You Need To Know

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Those were your university days. These are your grown up, drinking like a man days. Which means no more floors, fewer shots, and sipping the finest alcohol you can afford. Say goodbye to well drinks and whatever cheap, this-might-actually-be-drain-cleaner booze you used to buy. Today we’re talking about tequila – the good kind.

Casamigos Tequila

casamigosThere’s a motto we often live by: If it’s good enough for Clooney, it’s good enough for us. Which means we’ll be drinking plenty of Casamigos Tequila, because the guys behind it are Rande Gerber, Mike Meldman, and yes, George C. himself. The longtime friends worked with a master distiller in Jalisco, Mexico for years, perfecting their brew in blind tasting after blind tasting. The product was originally intended only for private consumption, but we’re glad the trio decided to take it public.

Casa Dragones

casa-dragonesCasa Dragones is an independent, small batch producer with a passion for crafting exceptional tequila, one bottle at a time. Each of those bottles is crafted by hand in Mexico City using pure, lead-free crystal, and hand-signed and numbered. But you’re not here for the bottle. You’re here for what’s inside: a tequila that is smooth enough to sip, with hints of vanilla and spiced undertones balanced against delicate notes of pear.

El Tesoro

el-desoroThe story of El Tesoro begins with Don Felipe Camarena, an agave grower from a family who made tequila in Jalisco from the early 1800s until the destruction of their distillery in the Mexican revolution of 1910. He opened his own distillery nearby in 1937, and it’s now in the hands of the 3rd generation of Camarena’s family. Every step of the process is completed by hand – progress is slow, but that’s exactly how it should be. With all the effort that goes into El Tesoro tequila, it’s no wonder they call it “The Treasure.”


centinelaCentinela’s story dates back to 1890 when it began to distill tequila in the region of Los Altos, Jalisco. Now the brand produces more than one million cases of tequila a year, but the process hasn’t deviated from the original procedure set forth by founder Don Pepe. It is the tequila house with the world’s largest wine cellar, home to 56,000 barrels of American white oak, and a proud champion of tequila tradition.

Casa Noble

casa-nobleThe time: mid-1700s. The place: a hacienda surrounded by blue agave. In a few years, that hacienda became one of the most industrially-developed facilities of the region, with its lands holding nearly 1 million agave plants. The stage was set for Casa Noble to be born. In 2014, the company is a distillery and agave grower with more than 3000 acres of agave fields under cultivation, producing a tequila so pure and full of agave flavour you’ll want to sip it like fine wine.

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