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25 Best Tequila Brands To Buy & Drink

With the best tequila you won't make pour decisions...

25 Best Tequila Brands To Buy & Drink

Unlike a lot of other spirits that can be produced in various regions around the world, tequila can only be produced in the Tequila region of Mexico (in the same way Champagne can only be classed as such if it’s produced in the Champagne region of France). All tequilas are derived from the blue agave plant found in the area, but various ageing processes, and whether the plant was obtained from highlands or lowlands, gives each bottle a unique taste.

However, there are only four ‘types’ of tequila:

  • Blanco, or silver, which is clear and bottled immediately after distillation
  • Reposado, a rested tequila that has to be aged for a minimum of two months, but less than a year
  • Añejo, an aged or vintage tequila that is stored in small oak barrels for a minimum of a year, but less than three years
  • Extra Añejo, an extra-aged tequila stored in small oak barrels for a minimum of three years

There are over 1300 registered tequila brands floating around the world, from some 150 producers, so curating a selection of the best is no easy task. Nevertheless, we’ve done just that to tell you the best tequila brands to look out for next time you’re at the bar or making yourself a delicious margarita.

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