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Scientists Have Discovered That Dogs Aren’t A Man’s Best Friend

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Brace yourselves dog lovers. Man’s best friend could potentially be replaced with an even better friend according to new findings from animal welfare experts in the Netherlands’ Wageningen University.

The study was tasked with evaluating which animals were suitable as domestic pets and covered a range of 90 different wild species from around the world. The most startling result however was the fact that dogs didn’t make the cut for the top 25 animals suitable as pets.

Researchers rated animals based on their biological make up, needs, threat to humans and general well-being when kept in captivity. The analytical framework used to determine these results were also based on the the short phrases which best describe each animal via expert knowledge and information obtained from numerous encyclopedias.


On the top of the domestic pets list? The East Asian Sika deer, or better known as the male variant, the Stag. Coming in at a close second is the Agile wallaby followed by the Tammar wallaby, llama and the Asian palm civet.

The researchers hope that these startling results will be used to further understand and raise awareness for keeping wild animals in captivity. If you’re still in denial you can check out our ten best dog breeds for men here.

See the list of the top 25 animals above. And a massive shout out to the Screaming Hairy Armadillo for lobbing in at number 25.

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  • Blueray Darkes

    Complete and utter rubbish

  • Jon Bisiach

    I’m sure you’ll supply evidence to support your theory in your dissertation.

  • Amerillo.Cubo

    I never felt dogs made the best pets, too needy.

  • Blueray Darkes

    Back in the day when we lived in caves we didn’t domesticate wallabies or screaming armadillos, we domesticated wolves who became our companions.

    If dogs make such a bad pet then how come they are used to give joy to sick kids and the elderly?

    If dogs were so bad how come some of them can sniff out cancer?

    If dogs were not a man’s best friend, how come they will risk their own life to save or protect their owner?

    Other than this chart there’s no actual evidence to show a dog is not a worthwhile pet and companion. Hence why this article is complete rubbish.

  • Jon Bisiach

    I’m guessing you didn’t see the last episode of Game of Thrones, then. Odds are your dog sees you as food that hasn’t stopped moving yet.

    Back in the day when we lived in caves we didn’t domesticate wallabies or screaming armadillos because they were our food. Dogs and wolves were our competition, and what better way to eliminate the competition than a merger? Dogs aren’t special…thousands of years of selective breeding would result in any animal doing what is was engineered to do.

    No-one here is saying dogs are bad. It’s just that some animals are better according to the criteria mentioned above. What you’re having is an emotional response based on preconceived biases.

  • SassyBean76

    This isn’t saying that domesticated dogs aren’t good pets. They are saying that looking at wild animals TODAY these are the ones who make the cut… (not wild dogs).
    Your argument about “cavemen befriending dogs/wolves” is completely moot. We don’t NEED dogs for protection. We don’t NEED them for hunting game. We utilize them because we can. Back at the begining of mankind there were very few choices for those protections. Those man/canine relationships were facilitated out of necessity and convenience. Nothing more. Even today mans most loyal “companion” has been known to turn and murder man or man’s “cub” without so much as an afterthought.
    Maybe you should think about this with your logical/scientific brain and not react with your emotional brain…. only then you’d truly understand.

  • Real Noot-Noot

    Scientifically speaking, a dog has the intelligence and emotional development of a two year old, meaning they are capable of forming emotional bonds and having complex relationships.

    As is with humans, a dog doesn’t just wantonly kill an adult or child unless that individual dog has something wrong with its brain. Death isn’t something dogs don’t understand either, they do. Just like how they understand emotion based on secretions of scent humans make. A dog can tell if you’re stressed or anxious based off of secretions and scent.

    So if you *actually* want to think about it with a logistical brain, paraphrasing “companion” is just flat out strange, and foregoing actual scientific comprehension of dogs to say that dogs are known to just randomly kill an adult or child, is just an empirically false statement.

    Children that are abused are known to be more likely to be violent or become serial-killers. The former is also true for dogs. Even the most tenderly raised child can still become those things, due to simply being wired wrong, the same can occur with a dog, or any other critter. Most of what I’ve stated is a generally observed trend in all critters. Dogs aren’t magically an exemption from those things.

  • Lucy Iluvbacon Castillo-Riley

    And yet with all the scientific studies the dog is still man’s best friend in the real world.


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