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Step Inside Titanic II, The Replica Ocean Liner Scheduled To Launch In 2018

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1 of 9|The Grand Staircase
2 of 9|The Turkish Baths
3 of 9|Third Class Dining
4 of 9|The Bridge
5 of 9|Second Class Cabin
6 of 9|Second Class Cabin
7 of 9|The Gymnasium
8 of 9|Swimming Pool
9 of 9|Titanic II

Say you had spare cash burning a hole in your pocket. Say you wanted to spend it on a cruise. Say someone was making a replica of the Titanic. Would you dare set sail on the next generation of the world’s most infamously tragic ship?

‘Titanic II’ is scheduled to hit the seas in 2018, more than 100 years after the original passenger liner sank on her maiden voyage. The ship is the brainchild of wealthy Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer. With the help of his shipping company, Blue Star Line, Palmer hopes to pay tribute to the Titanic’s untimely fate with a painstaking recreation of 1912’s doomed liner.

Reports say Titanic II will remain true to its namesake with Turkish baths, an Edwardian gym, a smoking room, and a grand staircase (as seen in the 1997 Leo/Kate film). Those features will join 840 cabins spread across nine decks, designed to accommodate 2,400 guests and 900 crew. Like the original vessel, passengers will be able to travel in first, second, and third class.

Unlike the original vessel – and fortunately for those 2,400 passengers – the new ship promises to “have every modern amenity along with 21st century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems.” Included on that list are a helipad and enough lifeboats for everyone on board.

The project has been plagued with financial difficulties and delayed launch dates, so it remains to be seen whether it will actually come to fruition. Still, it’s one to keep the eye on.

Take a sneak peak inside Titanic II with the renderings above, and learn more about the ship in this early promo video.




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