Showers In First Class Cabins: Which Airlines Have Them And Which Do Not

Things can get really messy when you have a long flight ahead of you...

Showers In First Class Cabins: Which Airlines Have Them And Which Do Not

Image: Emirates

Things can get really messy when you have a long flight ahead of you. For instance, a plane ride from Australia to Africa can last for 14 hours or even more if there’s a delay. After sleeping, eating, or keeping busy on the flight for that long, you’re bound to want to shower. Such a service is often provided for those who book a first-class ticket. 

This brings us to the question: are there showers in all first-class cabins? Well, that depends. Like with every flight, it’s difficult to predict what you will get or won’t get until you get in contact with the airline. Their rules frequently change, which means you might not get a shower on board. That said, you can calculate your odds of getting a shower if you know what to look for…

Aircraft With Showers On Board

There are different types of aircraft offering first-class flights with premium features. Some have showers, whereas others don’t, depending on the circumstances. One thing to remember is that even if you have a first-class pass, there is no guarantee of getting access to a shower. In some cases, this service might be restricted. 

This is why you should check with the airline and see if the shower option is available for you, even if the aircraft technically has the amenities. The ones below are known to have showers on board, and they might offer the service, depending on the package you opt for and the cabin you get.

1. Airbus A380

Airbus A380 - via

Known as the world’s biggest plane, this aircraft has premium cabins where first-class ticket holders can occasionally take a shower. Most airlines operating in Australia have some of these planes in their fleet. It is not to be confused with the Airbus A380s that may offer first-class seating but does not have a shower.

2. Boeing 777-300ER

The Boeing 777-300ER is also commonly present in airlines offering first-class tickets. Remember that even if you are on this type of aircraft in first class, it doesn’t guarantee you will get a cabin with a shower. This can depend on the airline, route, and more, so you’re not guaranteed a place to shower (even if the plane technically has the amenity).

3. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner - via

While a rare beauty amongst aircraft, this line has limited planes available. Many big airlines have at least one on their fleet, but not on all routes. Moreover, the airlines that have this type of aircraft may or may not decide to make the showers available for the passengers.

Airlines That Offer Showers For First-Class Passengers

When it comes to airlines offering showers for their first-class passengers, there are several options to choose from. While the leading Australian carrier, Qantas Airways, does provide first-class tickets, showers are not included in their list of services. However, here are some non-Australian carriers that operate in Australia and feature this type of luxury service:  


Showers in First Class - Emirates via

Emirates is an airline company that is well-known for its top-quality services. While only two such cabins are available for the 14 Class Suites, they are fairly large and are equipped with anything you might need. Shower spa attendants are also available to ensure every expectation is met.

Etihad Airways

Showers in First Class - Etihad via etihad on Facebook
Source: @etihad via Facebook

Like Emirates, Etihad Airways also offers shower amenities if passengers opt for the bathroom suite. Air passengers have five minutes’ worth of hot water running in the shower, so they’ll only be able to get a quick clean. Etihad has multiple types of aircraft in its fleet that offer showers, but the premium option is more common for those flying on an Airbus A380 plane.

Qatar Airways

Showers in First Class - Qatar Airways via

Qatar Airways has planes that are equipped with shower cabins, such as the Boeing 77-300ER and the Airbus A380. The bathrooms are quite opulent, with waterfall showers and beautiful mood lighting. That said, the shower service is offered only on Airbus A380 and on specific flights. If you are looking for the shower experience, it’s best to talk with the airline first and check the dates or routes where it might be available.

Singapore Airlines

Showers in First Class - Singapore Airlines via

Singapore Airlines uses Airbus A380 aircraft, which have been equipped with showers. The perk only applies to the passengers who get a suite – one of the three available. However, these suites are not always available since the service depends on the route and configuration of the flight. 

Factors That Decide Shower Availability

Very often, it’s difficult to predict which airline has showers, as it might depend on the route and other factors. So, it’s always a good idea to contact the airline and check firsthand if the cabin or suite has a bathroom with a shower. These are the factors that could suggest whether or not you get a shower on board:

1. Route

Most airlines only offer showers for long-haul flights, usually passing 8 hours or more. During the short- or middle-haul flights, airlines deem it not worth running the showers, which is why these cabins are not offered.

2. Airline Policy

The policy of the airline may also decide whether or not the passengers get showers while on board. For instance, showers are standard amenities on airlines such as Emirates, no matter the aircraft, but other companies might choose planes with no shower amenities (regardless of distance).

3. Occupancy and Demand

Air passengers may decide whether or not they want the shower option. In instances where there is a high demand for shower services, their use and availability might be limited.

The Bottom Line

As a passenger flying first class, there may be instances when you can get access to a shower. However, this depends on various factors, such as the choice of airline, the route, the aircraft, the airline’s policy and demand. So, it’s always best to talk to the airline first if having a shower is a priority for you.