World’s Most Expensive Cruise: $6 Million Cabins & Steamy Sailor Scandal

It seems money can't buy class...

World’s Most Expensive Cruise: $6 Million Cabins & Steamy Sailor Scandal

Image: Boat International

From the world’s largest cruise ship to the world’s biggest naked cruise, we thought we’d seen it all when it came to holidaying on the high seas. However, this tale about the scandals and secrets that riddle the world’s most exclusive and expensive cruise ship may have just taken things to a whole new level…

Welcome aboard The World, a highly exclusive private residential ship that’s been called ‘a floating city for the 1%’ by CNN. A playground for multimillionaires and billionaires alike, the vessel offers 165 top-end apartments in which the well-to-do can navigate the world’s oceans over and over again. And yet, what sets this boat apart from the rest may not be its opulent fit-out but its sultry, scandalous sailors…

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Former World resident Peter Antonucci — a retired lawyer who spent a dizzying six years aboard the ship — offers a glimpse into the dark underbelly of the vessel. Antonucci’s account paints a picture of a maritime White Lotus, where the ultra-wealthy enjoy some hard-earned time abroad, soaking in culture but more than occasionally detouring into more scandalous activities.

The ship — described as a mix of a country club and sorority house — provides an all-too-ready backdrop for secrets and sins to unfold on the high seas.

But before you can partake in said scandal, you have to first be approved as a resident, which is an invitation-only affair requiring a nomination and a second from existing residents… along with a cool net worth of at least US$10 million.

Antonucci was seduced by the ship’s allure during a “prospective resident” cruise before eventually buying an apartment for around US$1.6 million (c. A$2.5 million) which he later upgraded to somehow more luxurious quarters costing US$4 million (c. A$6.13 million).

Image: CNN

Life aboard The World involves a plethora of exclusive and carefully curated experiences, both onboard and on land, with a tightly planned itinerary that takes residents to some of the most exotic destinations around the world. Antonucci gives high praise to the ship’s crew who anticipate every need, creating a seamless experience for residents.

However, social life aboard is often far more scandalous… As well as a great deal of drinking and partying — which, in of itself shouldn’t be knocked, given the high price tag these people have paid to let their hair down — it’s the extra marital affairs that comprise the ship’s darker side, with plenty of secrets floating beneath the surface…

“Stuff happens… Some of it is fun. Some of it is people just getting blasted and singing songs and just having a good old time. And that’s relatively harmless. And then even some of the affairs and things are harmless – if the people are available, single, that’s fine. But there are married people, married couples on the ship, who are not always sleeping with their spouse.”

Peter Antonucci

Despite the undeniable allure of this… unique lifestyle, Antonucci eventually chose to leave, citing that the politics and gossip became overwhelming and, after six years aboard, he was more than ready for a new chapter in his life. However, he looks back fondly on his time aboard.

Do you think you’d enjoy the steamy seaborne lifestyle? Or are you a little too scandal averse? Let us know…