Billionaire Mocked For Writing To US Treasury Over Price Of Hotel Breakfast

It's a hard knock life...

Billionaire Mocked For Writing To US Treasury Over Price Of Hotel Breakfast

Image: Twitter

Here at DMARGE, we’ve always made it our business to know what the world’s billionaires are up to — whether they’re building apocalypse-ready bunkers, buying $700m superyachts, or snorting their lives away, we like to keep an eye on how they spend their dough.

This week, however, one US billionaire has done all the hard work for us by taking to social media to bemoan the cost of his breakfast… purchased at one of Manhattan’s most exclusive 5-star hotels. He was so upset at the cost, which he blamed on inflation supposedly induced by the Biden administration, that he even reached out to the US treasury with his complaint.

Kyle Bass — self proclaimed “Environmentalist and CIO Hayman Capital Management” — has an estiamted net worht of $3 billion, so you’d think he might not have too many quibbles with having to pay US$14 for a glass of room-service orange juice after having chosen to stay and enjoy a brought-to-your-door breakfast at The Carlyle, one of Manhattan’s most expsenvie and exlcusive venues.

Alas, he had more than quibble; he was so angry that he felt the need to invoke President Joe Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and even the US Federal Reserve itself. Naturally, these complaints invoked a stark backlash from not-so-rich followers online, who called out his moaning as, at best, out of touch and, at worst, downright dumb.

“A billionaire tagging the Treasury Secretary in their post about ordering a $14 room service orange juice at a five star hotel in Manhattan is the kind of high level posting you simply can’t get on any other platform, and likely never will.”


“You ordered room service in a 5-star Manhattan hotel. What were you expecting? Poor guy. I bet that broke the bank paying the $10 to have someone bring your food to you in bed.”


Even the X (formerly known as Twitter…) moderators had to stpe in an apply a brutal “note” to his post that made the wider context all too obivous…

“Items on this receipt match the menu for room service at the Carlyle Hotel, a 5-star hotel where the lowest rate on their website ranges from $954 (including a $35 breakfast coupon) to $6,244 after fees for a room tonight.”

Twitter Note

If that wasn’t enough, we also wanted to point to a hot take from our friend Gary Leff at View From The Wing; he’s been working the travel beat for decades so knows a thing or two about hotel room service prices… here’s what he said:

“Actually, a $26 entree from room service at The Carlyle in Manhattan doesn’t seem that bad tbh”

Gary Leff

While we can appreicate that no one likes feeling ripped off, it’s hard to greet such petty complaints from a billionaire with anything other than laughter, especially when he tries to get the President involved… If you feel strongly otherwise, do let us know.