Mile High Swipe Club

Brace yourselves frisky globetrotters, a new dating app made for in-flight flirting is on its way.

AirDates is a dating app that has been earmarked as the Tinder for air travel. It works by having users post their travel itinerary before they board a plane, hence allowing passengers to hook up with others on the same trip – whether that be in the airport pre-flight or during mid-air flight is entirely up to the participants.

For the former escapade, passengers simply activate their geolocation at the airport which allows them to find or chat to a potential flight buddy with benefits. If your game isn’t on point and you fail to seal the deal prior to boarding, you’re in luck.

AirDates uses a new platform called Multipeer WiFi which can connect smartphones without requiring the plane’s Wi-Fi or any other network. In other words your courtship to sexy times can be extended into your flight.

There are notable pitfalls with the app though. Strangers knowing your exact travel plans or the chance that the courtship falls short with no exit strategy for 20+ hours isn’t exactly romantic in anyone’s eyes.

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Currently AirDates is still in the testing phase with CEO Michael Richard backing his app’s safety pitfalls. He told Engadget that if anything, on board a plane is the “safest place to have a date.”

Richard believes that due to the fact that there are people all around the users, it will eliminate the chance of most common dating risks. Obviously the man hasn’t seen Red Eye.

The CEO did add that if it comes down to worst case scenario, the app has a blocking feature. As an early precaution against harassment, the app is looking to allow just females to initiate the conversation with a potential date.

Hello 2017. Hello Captain Swipey. AirDates is now available to download as a beta version.