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7 Saucy Apps Designed To Improve Your Sex Life

Need a restaurant recommendation? A last-minute hotel room? A petsitter for Spot? Fresh ideas to liven up the bedroom? There’s an app for that.

We rely on our smartphones for just about everything these days – including our relationships – and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we turn once again to those handy handhelds.

In the past we’ve warned you never to touch your mobile mid-coitus, but we stand ever so slightly corrected. A crop of saucy apps are designed specifically to spice up your sex life, whether it’s by increasing your libido, teaching you new positions, or helping you share your fantasies with your partner.

Below are a few of the sex apps that stand out from the crowd.



Available for iOS

We get it: you’re anxious to get to the sex, and if you could press a cosmic fast forward button, you would.

But unless Elon Musk isn’t telling us something, that button doesn’t exist yet. There’s no skipping the intimacy process if you want an enthusiastic sex life (or any sex life) with your partner.

Enter Pillow, an app that fast tracks intimacy via audio exercises. The exercises come from a team of therapists, coaches, and tantra teachers, and are designed to encourage communication, closeness, and desire for couples. Pillow’s 30-day program promises to boost things like confidence and appreciation in a playful way, after which you and your partner will be aching for a good romp between the sheets.

Sex Drive

sex apps for couples

Available for iOS

Think of Sex Drive as technology’s answer to Viagra. The app uses binaural tones to stimulate the sexual regions of both brain and body. Two constant sounds, played at slightly different frequencies in each ear while wearing headphones, can supposedly mimic the brainwaves that initiate arousal. The jury’s out on whether it actually works or is just an illusion, but it can’t hurt to try.


sex apps for couples

Available for iOS and Android

OhMiBod are behind some of the most luxe, and tech-savvy, pleasure products on the market. The company initially rose to fame as the creators of the original iPod vibrator, and have since explored the worlds of wireless remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and triple stimulation.

The wi-fi enabled OhMiBod Remote App syncs with a vibrator and can be connected to a partner to control their vibrations, making it a must-have if you’re in a long-distance relationship and need to spice up your Skype sex life. The app also has a messaging function to chat and share photos with your partner, and a log to track your orgasms over time with the Oh-Dometer.



Available for iOS and Android

The bad news: the next installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise is officially in cinemas. The good news: it might inspire kinkier adventures in your bedroom.

If you or your partner are too shy to talk about your X-rated interests, Kindu is here to help. The app allows couples to search through thousands of intimate activities individually and swipe yes or no to indicate interest. If you get a kink match with your partner, you’re both told what it is. If not, it disappears into the ether and your partner will never know how depraved you really are.

iKamasutra Lite

sex apps for couples

Available for iOS and Android

iKamasutra puts the power of the world’s most famous sex manual in your pocket. View over one hundred sex positions in nine categories, each tastefully drawn and explained, and track your progress from Novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master by marking which ones you’ve tried. You can create a list of favorite positions as well as a to do list, or shake your phone to choose a random new position.


sex apps for couples

Available for iOS and Android

UnderCovers works much like Kindu. Users indicate which sex and foreplay ideas interest them in the app, then connect to their partners using randomly generated codes to protect their privacy. The app only shares the fantasies that both partners like. UnderCovers eliminates the anxiety of talking about your kinkiest desires face-to-face so you can skip straight to the fun bits.


sex apps for couples

Available for iOS and Android

Did you know that 30 minutes of sex is equivalent to a three-mile bike ride? And that you burn two hot dogs’ worth of calories in the process? With BangFit, you can have your wieners and eat them too.

The geniuses at PornHub are behind this amusing app, which will put you through your paces in more ways than one. As the name suggests, BangFit is all about shagging your way to good health… yes, we’re talking about sexercise. Expect some pelvic thrusts.

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