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13 Best Fleshlight and Stroker Toys For Men 2023

The best fleshlight is just a stroke away.

Men, are you looking for the best fleshlight? Look no further. The fleshlight is likely to be a man’s first foray into the ever expanding world of sex toys, as it is primarily designed for solo use. Also known as a male stroker or a male masturbator toy, the fleshlight is great sex toy for men to own, even if they have a partner.

Fleshlight is actually the brand name of one of the original male sex toys, and the company was founded in 1998. The name has since become synonymous with male masturbator toys and male strokers, and this is the wording you will likely see on sex toy websites, unless your fleshlight of choice is made by Fleshlight itself.

What is a fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a sex toy for men that is most commonly made from silicone and is a toy that mimics the feeling of a vagina. The fleshlight got its name because it most usually resembles the shape of a flashlight, but instead of a light coming out of the end by way of a bulb, there is an orifice in which you put your member.

As close a substitute as you can get to a real woman, the best fleshlights come in various sizes and styles with each offering its own specialised sensations to help you achieve a feeling, unlike the one you experience when you become acquainted with Mrs Palm and her five daughters.

How to use a fleshlight?

Using a fleshlight isn’t as simple as just jamming your penis, or someone else’s, into the opening. While a fleshlight might be your substitute for a real woman, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like one.

Remember, while you think it may be fun to live out your wildest fantasies and be as rough as you possibly can be with your fleshlight, going too hard, too fast can actually damage the fleshlight. This is because it’s made from silicone, and if it’s exposed to too much friction, it can eventually suffer from micro tears. The same can be said of your penis, too. If you go in all guns blazing, you could potentially cause harm to your best friend.

So, to use a fleshlight the right way, invest in a good water-based lube. Only ever use water-based lube with a fleshlight. Oil-based lubes will make cleaning your fleshlight a royal pain in the ass.

Water-based lube is easier to clean, both with your fleshlight and your dick, and will be much safer on the materials of your chosen masturbator toy.

With lube applied to both the fleshlight – get it as far down the fleshlight canal as you can – and your penis, you’re now ready to go past the point of no return. Once you’ve found yourself inside, go slowly and twist and turn the fleshlight so you introduce the various textures to your penis for maximum pleasure.

As you’ll find out below, different fleshlights have different textures, bumps, nooks and crannies inside, all designed with the sole aim of giving you intense orgasms. Also, you’ve spent money on the thing, so you should take the time to explore your investment to full effect.

How to clean a fleshlight?

As with anything sex-related, hygiene is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, you’re going to want to keep your fleshlight toy clean so that it not only extends its life, but keeps it feeling and looking fresh for your next session.

Both your water-based lube and any fluids expelled from your own body can have a negative effect on the materials of your fleshlight if not cleaned thoroughly. And, if they are left to fester, can cause harmful bacteria to grow. We shouldn’t have to explain why harmful bacteria and your penis aren’t exactly a harmonious match-up.

To clean a fleshlight, first remove the inner sleeve from its case. Pretty much all fleshlights and male strokers should be built to facilitate this, but if yours can’t be dismantled, then it’s not something we’d recommend putting near your Crown Jewels anyway.

You can use warm soapy water on the fleshlight case, but be sure you don’t use soap on the fleshlight sleeve. For the sleeve, start by running warm water through it to begin dislodging any build-ups of lube or other fluids. You can get your fingers in there to help out.

You’ll then want to invest in a dedicated fleshlight cleaning product, as they will be made from chemicals that won’t harm the silicone material of your toy.

Once you’re done cleaning, let it air dry. Don’t be tempted to use heat or any other method to try and speed it up. Be patient.

Which fleshlight is best?

As with most products on the market, not just those of sexual persuasions, the amount you spend on your fleshlight will likely influence the quality you receive. The less you spend on a fleshlight, then the cheaper quality materials you can expect to ‘surround yourself with, whereas if you can afford a greater sum, you really will be in ownership of one of the best fleshlights, and the less likely you’ll feel you need a woman in your life ever again.

We’ve scoured the adult websites to find the very best fleshlights for men, and the ones that will bring you the sweetest satisfaction. Turbo thrusts, pink ladies, ice and pornstar Fleshlight editions, we have got them all. So, whether you’re looking for a fleshlight sleeve, an anal fleshlight, the best feeling fleshlight or just an entry-level, affordable fleshlight, we’ve got you covered.

A fleshlight doesn’t tickle your fancy? Check out the best online sex shops for a more extensive selection of sex toys for you, for her and for couples.

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Fleshlight Pink Lady

Best First Fleshlight

Fleshlight $70
If you're new to the world of fleshlights then the Pink Lady is the best option for you. One of the original fleshlight models, Pink Lady is a fuss-free penis sleeve that has a single opening and a no-frills internal chamber that can accomodate guys up to 8.5-inches.

The lack of textures inside means there should be nothing to scare you off, and if anything, it can even help you improve your stamina.

Fleshlight Girls Dillion Harper Crush Texture

Best Pornstar Fleshlight

Fleshlight $80
Instead of just watching your favourite stars on the computer, why not get as close to being with them as possible. That's the intention behind the Fleshlight Girls series of male masturbator toys from Fleshlight.

This particular realistic fleshlight model imitates industry veteran Dillion Harper and features "5 unique chambers of exicting nubs, nodules, ridges and grooves."

Easy to clean and with its own discreet storage case, this silky smooth fleshlight will find pride of place in your bedside table.

Be sure to check out the Stoya Destroya and Asa Akira editions too.

Lelo F1S V2

Best Premium Fleshlight

Lelo $369
From the company that started out looking after women, Lelo has expanded to now offer men some incredible sexual experiences as well. The F1S V2 is one of the company's latest, and promises a mind-blowing sexual experience thanks to a combination of a dual-motor and SenSonic technology to emit sonic waves, as opposed to vibrations, deep into your penis.

With four different vibration programs and double the intensity compared to the preceding model, you won't have felt anything like it before. The flexible sleeve allows guys of virtually all shapes and sizes to get involved, and you can even connect the companion app to create your own patterns to really get your rocks off.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Texture

Also A Great Pornstar Fleshlight

Fleshlight $120
Another chance to take a porn star to pound town here with an imitation of everyone's favourite Riley Reid. Explore the everything Riley has to offer with a generous helping of lubrication and, as the name suggests, you'll reach a feeling of utopia that will have you coming back for more and more.

The inner SuperSkin is temperature responsive, so it's recommended to warm it up with some water first, and with that out the way, you'll be feeling the heat in no time.

Hot Octupuss Pulse Solo Essential

Best Penis Sleeve

Hot Octupuss $100
The Pulse Solo Essential from Hot Octupuss is a fleshlight that is as easy-to-use as they come. Again, like some others on this list, it isn't a fleshlight in the traditional sense. Instead, it's more of akin to a penis sleeve that you simply need to insert yourself into.

Once in position, turn it on and experience a range of sensations by way of various vibrating patterns. You don't even need to use any stroking motion if you don't want to, although do so, and you'll be guaranteed some mind-blowing orgasms.

Satisfyer Men One

Best Cheap Fleshlight

Satisfyer $40
Offering up one of the best-looking fleshlights is US sex merchants Satisfyer. The Men One looks a little inconspicuous with its blue and black colour scheme, but flip it over and the goods will be revealed.

The Men One is more than just a simple silicon sleeve, inside you'll find a pump that can adjust the tightness level to your specific desire, while a pressure regulator can create varying levels of suction to imitate both oral and vaginal sex. Best of all, all this pleasure can be had for just $40. Incredible.

Svakom Alex Neo

Best App-Controlled Fleshlight

Svakom $130
With this being the 21st Century, naturally, there was always going to be a series of sex toys that have a companion app. And, while there are a number of app-controlled fleshlights on the market, we've picked out the Svakom Alex Neo as being one of the best.

The inclusion of a companion app means you can grants your partner the opportunity to control your pleasure while Alex – a woman – can speak to you too and set up scenario specific stimulation. What's more, you can connect to anyone anywhere in the world, amazing for long-distance relationships, and you can sync it with porn videos for an out-of-this-world experience.

Kiiroo Onyx+

Best Feeling Fleshlight

Kiiroo $294
Heading into the world of premium, more expensive sex toys is the Kiiroo Onyx+. Regarded as one of the best strokers out there, the Onyx+ baosts 10 contracting rings to provide stimulation that you would have likely never felt before. As with the Svakom above, the Onyx+ can connect to a companion app called FeelConnect, which can be used to control the Onyx+ either yourself or by someone else.

It can also connect to interactive videos to make it feel as if you're actually there, along with other products in the Kiiroo range such as butt plugs. You may never need a partner again.

Fleshlight Go Stamina Training Unit

Best Fleshlight For Edging

Fleshlight $90
Hailing from the maker of the original Fleshlight, this GO Stamina Training Unit gives you all the tools you need to train yourself to last longer in bed. Designed to replicate an authentic sheet shuffle, the Go STU will (with time) allow you to increase your stamina, and best of all, its compact enough to take wherever you go. Business trip? Take it to the hotel. Holiday? Use it when the other half goes for a dip in the pool. The possibilities are endless.

Thrust Pro Elite Lexi

Best Realistic Fleshlight

Thrust $600
If money is no object or if your better half won't give in to your wildest desires, you can invest in the Thrust Pro Lexi, a medium-sized sex doll that weighs a hefty 21kg. Ok, so it's not a fleshlight in the strictest sense, but as a masturbator with all holes up for grabs , and without being asked to do some housework in return, we're not complaining.

For sensations unlike those you can experience in the real world, Lexi comes with a vibrator that you can put inside her for double the fun.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Best Compact Fleshlight

Fleshlight $45
The Quickshot is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight and is unique due to its fully exposed orifices on each end. This means it can be used as supplementary stimulation during blowjobs/fellatio/oral sex, or as a solo masturbation aid.

Compact enough to take virtually anywhere with you if you simply can't control your urges, and an easy-cleaning material make this an absolute win.

Thrust Pro Briony

Best Anal Fleshlight

Thrust $70
A large proportion of men share the fantasy of experiencing anal sex. However, with it being potentially messy and not always appreciated by the female, it can be something a lot of men will never experience. That's where the Thrust Pro Briony fleshlight comes in.

The 7-inch internal chamber provides a constrictive seal that imitates the real thing. There's even a slot on the end of the fleshlight for you to place your phone so you can stroke along with your favourite videos. As with the real thing, Briony is best-used with a good dose of lubrication.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blow Job Masturbator

Best Blow Job Fleshlight

Fleshlight $100
Penetrative sex is great, but let us not forget oral sex. Occasionally preferred by some men, oral delivers sensations that no other hole can compete with. Fortunately, Fleshlight has designed this blow job masturbator to perfectly replicate those sensations so you never have to go without again.

The internal chamber features three unique zones, designed to replicate the lips, tongue and throat, so the further down you go the more heightened the pleasure.