The Best Sex Apps For Couples To Try In 2024

Upgrade your sex life.

The Best Sex Apps For Couples To Try In 2024

WARNING: Adult Content

In what will likely come as the most unsurprising news ever, there is a large number of sex apps designed specifically for couples to help them improve their sex lives. 

We now rely on our smartphones for just about everything – including our relationships – and with the range of sex apps on offer (for everyone from candle wax drippers to the missionary-only crew), these days it would be weird not to use your phone between the sheets.

In the past, we’ve warned you never to touch your mobile mid-coitus, but we stand ever so slightly corrected. A crop of saucy sex apps are designed specifically to spice up your sex life, whether it’s by increasing your libido, teaching you new positions, or helping you share your fantasies with your partner.

We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best sex apps for couples currently available. You never know, they may change your sheet shuffling experiences forever. 


How handy would it be to have a sex therapist at your beck and call 24/7? Incredibly, we would imagine your answer to be. Well, that’s exactly what you can benefit from when you download Lover. Designed to cater to all aspects of sex, including couples who need to inject a little bit of spice into the mix, Lover takes a science-based approach to solving any problems through the use of guides, videos and games.


Available for purchase ($47) on

We get it: you’re anxious to get to the sex, and if you could press a cosmic fast forward button, you would.

But unless Elon Musk isn’t telling us something, that button doesn’t exist yet. There’s no skipping the intimacy process if you want an enthusiastic sex life (or any sex life) with your partner.

Enter Pillow, an app that fast tracks intimacy via audio exercises. The exercises come from a team of therapists, coaches, and tantra teachers, and are designed to encourage communication, closeness, and desire for couples. Pillow’s 30-day program promises to boost things like confidence and appreciation in a playful way, after which you and your partner will be aching for a good romp between the sheets.


App available for free at Apple Store and Google Play (vibrators sold separately at

OhMiBod is behind some of the most luxe, and tech-savvy, pleasure products on the market. The company initially rose to fame as the creators of the original iPod vibrator, and have since explored the worlds of wireless remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and triple stimulation.

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The wi-fi enabled OhMiBod Remote App syncs with a vibrator and can be connected to a partner to control their vibrations, making it a must-have if you’re in a long-distance relationship and need to spice up your Skype sex life. The app also has a messaging function to chat and share photos with your partner, and a log to track your orgasms over time with the Oh-Dometer.


Available for free at Apple Store & Google Play

The bad news: Fifty Shades of Grey is officially mainstream. The good news: it has inspired kinkier bedroom antics the world over.

If you or your partner are too shy to talk about your X-rated interests, Kindu is here to help. The app allows couples to search through thousands of intimate activities individually and swipe yes or no to indicate interest. If you get a kink match with your partner, you’re both told what it is. If not, it disappears into the ether and your partner will never know how depraved you really are.

iKamasutra Lite

sex apps for couples
Available for free at Apple Store & Google Play

iKamasutra puts the power of the world’s most famous sex manual in your pocket. View over one hundred sex positions in nine categories, each tastefully drawn and explained, and track your progress from Novice to Kama Sutra Grand Master by marking which ones you’ve tried. You can create a list of favourite positions as well as a ‘to do’ list or shake your phone to choose a random new position.


Available for free at Apple Store & Google Play

Desire users have been known to start out in prim marriages of convenience and end up dripping candle wax all over each other. Exaggeration? Perhaps. But what starts as a flirty game has a tendency to end in erotic competition.

How does it work? Desire lets you send your partner thousands of “dares” from its velvety database, many of which are quite naughty. Or, if you’re the candle dripping type, it lets you write your own.

When your partner has worked hard enough to earn the requisite ‘sexy’ points they can unlock new sexy challenges (and vice versa).

You can also send each other private messages through the app, record ‘intimate’ memories and track which bedtime (or secret-but-in-public) challenges you’ve enjoyed the most.


Available for free at Apple Store & Google Play

Think you know your partner’s sexiest secrets? Think again. While this app appears a little more vanilla than some of the others on this list, it makes up for it for being super approachable – and giving you sex tips from the one person you really need them from: your partner.

“Play this brand new sexy, adult game and increase the intimacy and upgrade your sex life!” iPassion promises.

Do they deliver? Well, while ‘upgrade’ is a big word, iPassion indeed helps you learn things about your partner’s desires you never knew. Whether it’s pigtails or two-day-old stubble, a biker chick fetish or a sexy business woman’s outfit, this app helps get things out in the open.


Available at Apple Store only

While YONO is technically not a sex app, it could affect the quality of your next bedroom romp more than all the others combined. Why? It helps you pinpoint exactly when you are going to be at your horniest, enabling you to plan your next date night or weekend getaway far more aptly.

And if the man in your life starts using the app Habits To Increase Your Sex Drive, you may find yourselves needing to buy a new mattress sooner than you’d think…


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Cupla takes a different approach to the definition of “sex app,” and addresses one of the main problems couples who have been together for a long time face – scheduling conflicts.

When you’ve been together with someone for a long time, it is easy to start thinking of them as a pal, instead of a lover And when this starts to happen, your sex life is no longer a priority, it becomes subject to convenience especially when the both of you have to work and only spend time together when you’re busy. 

But with Culpa, you can share calendars and to-do lists with your partners, plan fun activities, and ensure you spend meaningful time together. 

Time together can rekindle your romance and set the sparks flying, leading to an epic time in the bedroom. If that sounds like what you need, check it out!