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Conor McGregor Has Achieved The Impossible With These Pants

A man with nothing to lose…can wear floral pants.

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Florals. There, we said it. Often banished to the world of high fashion walkways or dearest mother-in-law’s luncheon wardrobe, floral pants have rarely set foot amongst the domain of self-proclaimed men of masculinity (and good taste).

That all changed yesterday with Conor McGregor breaking yet another style rule to prove that floral pants can indeed grace the legs of men – when they’re done right.

The images were posted on McGregor’s Twitter feed, spruiking his ongoing relationship with the now infamous ‘F*uck You’ suitmaker, David August.


In his latest quest to redefine the fashion rulebook, McGregor paired a simple white v-neck with sky blue trousers featuring dark blue floral prints all over. Pay attention to the lack of belt here for a cleaner look, something we’ve touched on before.

He polished off the look with a simple pair of navy boat sneakers and a watch which is probably worth more than our left kidney. We suggest that if you’re game enough to go down the McGregor route, keep things perfectly fitted and colour blocking to a conservative level.

Also pair the florals with a plain top to ensure you don’t look like a villain out of Joel Schumacher’s campy Batman movies.

  • Icarus

    He can pull it off. I don’t know if I can.


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