Conor McGregor’s ‘F*** You’ Suit Just Changed Bespoke Suits Forever

If your suit was an asshole, here's what it would say.

Conor McGregor’s ‘F*** You’ Suit Just Changed Bespoke Suits Forever
It’s all in the details

The concept of bespoke suiting has long been held in high esteem amongst the artisans who create them and those lucky enough to wear them.

As one of the finest ways a man can express himself in society, Conor McGregor has today taken that sartorial notion and given it two middle fingers with a big ‘F*** You’ – literally.

The UFC megastar fronted up to the first press conference for his $100 million fight against world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather in a three-piece pinstripe suit featuring pinstripes forming the words ‘F***’ and ‘You’ in vertical succession. Kind of like The Matrix code if said code was an asshole.

Of course this all plays into the trash talk that usually precedes a historical fight like this one (or any fight really if you’re McGregor). The whole ‘F*** You’ suit thing though is rather meta. Is it a ‘F*** You’ to fashion conformity? Is it a ‘F*** You’ to the plebs out there who scoff at the tarnishing of an age-old art? Or is it simply a ‘F*** You’ to his next big opponent?

Either way it’s all fun and games until the pair enter the ring on August 26 where pay-per-view is currently charging US$100 to watch the fight. But we digress. You probably won’t be seeing this fabric at your local tailors anytime soon.

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