Conor McGregor Fashion: How To Get Conor McGregor’s Style

Conor McGregor Fashion: How To Get Conor McGregor’s Style

Conor McGregor, the charismatic mixed martial artist and global icon, is not only renowned for his combat skills but also for his unique sense of style. McGregor’s fashion choices make bold statements, combining luxury brands, tailored fits, and a touch of flamboyance. If you’ve ever found yourself inspired by Conor McGregor’s fashion and want to emulate his iconic style, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Conor McGregor’s fashion, dissecting his signature looks and providing you with valuable tips on how to incorporate elements of his style into your own wardrobe. From his dapper suits to his street-style ensembles, we’ll explore the key components that contribute to McGregor’s distinctive fashion sense.

We’ll guide you through the process of curating a wardrobe that reflects Conor McGregor’s style, even if you’re on a budget. You’ll discover the brands he favors, the essential pieces he relies on, and how to combine them to create impactful outfits that exude confidence and flair.

Understanding McGregor’s fashion journey is essential to unlocking his style. We’ll take a closer look at the evolution of his fashion sense over the years, from his early days in the spotlight to his current status as a fashion-forward trendsetter. By examining his fashion choices, you’ll gain insights into the principles that underpin his style and learn how to adapt them to suit your own personal taste.

Whether you’re stepping into the boardroom, attending a special event, or simply looking to elevate your everyday style, we’ll provide you with practical advice and styling tips that will help you channel your inner Conor McGregor. Get ready to embrace the confidence and boldness that defines McGregor’s fashion, and learn how to make a sartorial statement that turns heads wherever you go.

Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Conor McGregor’s fashion. From his tailored suits to his iconic accessories, we’ll guide you through the steps to replicate his style while still staying true to your own fashion identity. It’s time to step up your fashion game and embody the essence of Conor McGregor’s unparalleled style.

Breaking Down McGregor’s Style

The big man isn’t beholden to any style ‘rules’ or conventions, but there’s a few consistencies across his various looks that are worth mentioning.

Almost without exception, McGregor wears everything in a slim fit. It never looks like he’s being strangled or about to pop a seam, but it makes the most of his athletic physique. He avoids embarrassing pattern clashes, and tends to stick to one big pattern backed up by plain colours.

Lastly, he always wears good, clean shoes that are as expensive as the rest of his outfit – he doesn’t cheap out at the last second. In saying that, he’s Conor McGregor. He can and does break any of those as he likes.

Suit Ex Machina

McGregor favours the traditional three-piece suit, not that we’d argue with him on that. This grey three piece features a subtle Prince of Wales check, vastly improved by the addition of a purple tie and pocket hankie.

Note the little things: he shows a little bit of shirt cuff, the waistcoat isn’t too long or too short, and the lapels are proportionate to his tie.

He’s done his homework. Now, look at the bloke next to him – who would you rather be? (not who would you rather fight in an alleyway).

Smart Casual Killer

For all its bluster, McGregor’s style is unusual in that most of what he wears can go with other wardrobe staples.

McGregor’s opted for a matching cream shirt and trouser combo, stuck to his general rule of one pattern over a plain pair of trousers.

The monster sunnies add a bit of swagger than not many blokes can pull off, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he subbed out the lager for a diet coke. The biggest draw is the silver and gold Patek, indicating he knows a good watch when he sees one.

Just remember to button up the shirt if you go for a similar look.

Irish Iron Man

Shorts so short your uncle that played footy in the 70’s would blush, and sneakers (Air Max?) so white you wonder if they only left the box for the photo.

McGregor’s gym style doesn’t include any rubbish Tap Out shirts, back to front caps, or hoodies ‘so he can warm up properly’. He could kick your arse in ten different ways and the way he dresses training for the big day reflects that.

Our only question – how does he plan to kick people so high in those shorts? (We’ll leave it to a braver man to ask).

The Statement Piece

Statement pieces are a staple to McGregor like white shirts and fresh socks are to us mere mortals.

Here, he’s gone for a floral bomber with matching dog embroidery on the front (Gucci, who else?) but he’s been careful to contrast it with a plain white shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.

Everything is built around the jacket, and he doesn’t try to cram prints in anywhere else. He could get rid of the jacket and look like a normal (albeit tattooed and shredded as f**k) bloke in a flash.

Floral Pants

McGregor is a student of the ‘business up top, party down below’ ideology.

Here, McGregor wears a (really snug) black shirt to contrast some bold and beautiful floral pants, both by his partner in crime David August.

Note the colour coordination and finishing touch with Gucci slides. It’s a brave man that can dress on this wavelength, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he got some inspo from Nick Wooster (the modern architect of funny pants).

August x McGregor

Conor McGregor, and only Conor McGregor, can put naughty words and custom suits together.

At first glance, this David August suit resembles your typical corporate nine-to-fiver look. He starts with a pink tie and matching lapel flower, which is a little too coordinated for our tastes, but otherwise, everything else is on point. A crisp white shirt, quirky ticket pocket, monk strap shoes, and a slim cut could see him as a law or finance guy in another life.

The only obstacle to that illusion? The ‘pinstripes’ happen to spell out his thoughts about Floyd Mayweather, in typical McGregorian understatement.

We haven’t seen it replicated, but it’s only a matter of time. McGregor is set to launch a collaboration label with August sometime soon, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we see stuff like this in the future.

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