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Here’s How To Get Ripped Without A Gym Membership

Mother Nature is your gym.

We’ve all heard the phrase “If you’ve got a door, you’ve got a gym” – and ironically amongst all the satire, what is proclaimed is indeed true.

The common question I receive all the time is, “Scotty, I don’t have access to a gym…can I still get fit and build muscle?”

Unequivocally, yes.

The easiest way for me to draw supporting evidence is to simply look at myself as an example. Do I train in a gym? Yes, I do. But, remember, I train for function. Function doesn’t require a framework. Function equals freedom.

The majority of my workouts consist of lunging, climbing, jumping, pulling, pushing, hanging, crawling and slamming. You can see that the common denominator amongst these movements is that they can be done anywhere.

See below.

It’s time to conclusively put to rest the notion that you need to be training at a gym to achieve the body you want because it’s just not true.

If you’re on a tight budget and a gym membership is out of the question or you’re just someone who doesn’t particularly feel comfortable in the gym, don’t stress. Here’s how you can get ripped for free.

Start By Starting

Do it, do it now – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do something now – don’t wait. You can’t feed yourself excuses like “I’ll start tomorrow”. Those are gym-goer excuses.

Whether it’s the spare room, the garage, the backyard, the hill at the end of the street and/or the park down the road, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel better (you can thank endorphins for that).

Create Your Own Gym

The world is your gym

Make your own exercises and get creative. Run up a hill backwards and on the way down crawl…backwards. Opportunity is only bound by your creativity. If your training is stagnating, give it more thought and take inspiration from the environment and obstacles around you.

Embrace The Superset

Stack it up

What I love about functional training is that you can truly turn up the intensity and put yourself in a zone which will challenge you mentally as much as it will physically.

Supersetting your workouts is a fantastic way to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Here’s an example:

  • Tuck Jumps to Sprints
  • Burpee to Broad Jump
  • Bear Crawl to Rope Climb
  • Pushup to Plank

Any of the above mentioned examples are bound to get your heart racing in no time.

Intensity breeds improvement so drop the self-doubt and anxiety; you’re not in the gym and you don’t have to worry about who’s watching.

Put yourself into a zone where all you can focus on is getting out the next breath, whilst performing an explosive movement at maximal intensity. Remember, a tight budget is not a barrier to a healthier life but a small mind is.

Whatever your circumstances, you can still create the life you want by simply opening your mind up to opportunity…and maybe opening your door for a run.

Better yet, join me outdoors, for the CT 6HR Challenge on September 9.

Scott Evennett is a health, fitness and mindset expert who has served in the Australian Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) as an Australian Commando



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