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A Personal Trainer’s Secret To Getting Ripped This Silly Season

Put the leg ham down.

Jordan Ponder is the founder of Transform Health in Sydney, Australia

We’re all starting to feel it and even the fat man in red is starting to worry.

Our multi-coloured schedules start to blur as five meetings a day blend into after-hours festive drinks before a weekend full of events roll in to destroy your ability to think clearly. And now repeat that process for the next five weeks.

Silly Season Antics

Easy there, chimney

They don’t call it the silly season for nothing and if we’re not careful it’s likely you could end up spending Jesus’ birthday recovering from alcohol poisoning, getting sick, exhausted or just trying to shake those extra couple of kilograms that have scored a free ride on those hips.

It is when things get hectic and complicated that it becomes valuable to take things back to basics and ask ourselves what’s important.

If being seen at every event possible is the most important thing in December then so be it.

However, if you’re trying to balance getting that beach bod ready with an increased work schedule then deciding which events to go to and how much you are going to drink for the week – as well as booking in rest time – exercise, planning and preparing food needs to take precedence over that extra glass of rosé.

Rest & Exercise Is Vital

Give the gift of lift

Work events, weddings, afternoons by the beach drinking with mates are all part of this wonderful time we call the silly season.

It is likely that we’ll feel pressured to go to events that we don’t necessarily want, nor need to go to. Saying no to events that don’t add value to you is a must at this period if you are to come into Christmas with some level of sanity and health.

Decide which ones matter and which don’t and make space for priorities such as rest and exercise.

As active humans we need rest. It is essential that somewhere in your week you are finding time to unwind and recharge.

If your weekend is being booked up then it is likely that the Monday morning alarm is met with exhaustion and you’re already behind at the week’s start line.

Say no, book in down time and understand the value of recharging in achieving your other priorities like exercise.

What kind of exercises? We’ve got you covered. See our comprehensive guide to getting bigger, faster here.

Set Start Of Week Goals

Back in line, soldier

Everyone’s goal should be to start the week with exercise. Mentally setting up the week to be one of performance and health means feeling refreshed at the start of the week.

Setting a drink limit for the weekend means feeling fresh on Sunday and being able to prepare your week’s schedule to one that reflects your goals.

Sunday evening food preparation is key to this.

Spending Sunday afternoon and evening resting and then preparing your week of food will mean you’re not getting to Tuesday night shattered from not eating enough.

What To Eat During The Silly Season

Macro your way to health

If we are thinking strategically about your food during this time of stress it’s even more paramount that we’re eating nutrient dense foods and giving yourself the energy when it’s needed.

The Macro Bowl (see below) is a simple recipe that can be adjusted to fit any time of day.

It can be eaten with a soft boiled egg and piece of toast for breakfast, as a vegetarian option for lunch or with slow cooked lamb for dinner.

Nutrient dense dishes like this will ensure your body is getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals in this time of intensity and indulgence.

Macro Bowl  Serve  4

Ingredients               QTY   


alfalfa sprouts           30       g

mung bean sprouts  30       g

snow pea sprouts     30       g

quinoa                       80       g

red cabbage             100     g

carrot                         100     g

beetroot                     100     g

avocado                     200     g

cucumber                  100     g


soy                             30       ml

honey                         20       ml

tahini                          20       ml

olive oil                       30       ml


Add the sprouts and cooked quinoa to shaved cucumber, chopped cabbage, and avocado with julienned beetroot and carrot to create an aesthetic you’re happy with.

Mix the dressing ingredients in a small ramekin or bowl and add as desired.

Add slow cooked, shredded meat or fish as required.

And there you have it. A healthy and reliable meal to keep your health in check and your body ripped all summer long.

Jordan Ponder is the founder of Transform Health in Sydney, Australia. TransformHealth has been created to inspire habitual health and improve performance. Contact Jordan to arrange a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle consultation.



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