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Lebron James’ Ketogenic Diet Could Be Your Ticket To Becoming A Shredded Beast… But At What Cost?

Is the food pyramid a lie?

“I’m not a celiac but…”

Some call the Keto diet a celebrity-fad palatable only to cross-fit warriors and Bondi hipsters. Others reckon it’s an energy-boosting weight-loss program that cures diabetes, epilepsy and arthritis. We talked to The Paleo Chef (and MKR judge) Pete Evans, Transform Health dietician Jordan Ponder, and nutritionist Zoe Bingley to get the inside scoop. 

What did we find? Let’s just say that before you follow in Lebron’s Ketogenic footsteps you’re going to want to read this guide. 

What Is The ‘Keto’ Diet?

Ketosis is an evolutionary mechanism the body initiates to survive when food intake is low. The Keto diet is basically a way to trigger it (without starving). This involves replacing foods high in carbs (pasta, bread etc.) with one’s higher in protein or fat (meat, leafy greens etc.).

The reason this triggers Ketosis is because your body typically burns carbohydrates before its reserves of fat, so if you deprive yourself of carb-rich food, even if you are consuming a healthy number of calories, you trick your body into thinking it’s starving.   


Jordan Ponder, a dietician at Transform Health, says that this causes the body to break-down fat into substances called ketones (a process which takes place in the liver), using them for energy instead of glucose—the broken down version of carbohydrates the body normally uses for fuel.

What Happens When You Enter Ketosis?

Many people experience a “low-carb flu.” This typically occurs during the first few weeks, making you feel mentally and physically weak. You may be hungry even after eating, lethargic, dizzy, and low on energy. In fact, if you’ve ever skipped a couple of meals, you’ve probably entered Ketosis.

According to Pete Evans, when this happens, “Your body is clearing the junk out of it and readjusting to how it is best designed to run.” In order to overcome the negative effects, he recommends you change your diet gradually.

“I always advise to work with a functional medical doctor who is up to date with nutritional science to get testing done prior, then during your transition and also 6-12 months after the complete change as blood tests don’t lie (just be careful in the first 3 months as the markers can go off course as the body is adjusting itself too) which is why I recommend working with a professional and looking at it at 6 months, then 12 and so on.”

What Are The Benefits?

On a Ketogenic diet your insulin (the fat storing hormone) levels drop significantly, which turns your body into a fat-burning beast. Studies have shown the Ketogenic diet provides better weight-loss results than low-fat and high-carb diets; even in the long term.

Done correctly, a Ketogenic diet also naturally lowers blood-sugar levels due to the type of foods you eat, which makes it great for people with type-two diabetes. This can improve your focus and concentration (once you’ve got through the first few weeks and your body is used to it).

Finally, the Ketogenic diet can be used to treat various medical conditions, having been used since the early 1900’s to treat epilepsy, it can also help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, insulin resistance and ACNE.

Sweet potato toast with sausage, prosciutto, bacon and smoked salmon.

What Are The Risks?

As Jordan Ponder points out: it’s very easy to mistake, “Good fats from farmers that know their meats, and poor-quality fats.” According to him this is crucial because, “Most of the (Keto) theory is grounded in the quality of the food, and unfortunately with contemporary lifestyles being so busy; we just don’t have time to prepare the right foods the right way.”

“Fat is where we store a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so the quality of the fat that we are eating is really really important.”

Unless you’re a professional athlete like Lebron—surrounded by nutritionists, physicians and trainers who can tailor the diet to meet your specific needs—it’s not easy to get the Keto diet right. Also, Jordan says you shouldn’t trust all of the Keto acolytes, who (in his view) advocate, “Bro science designed off the back of caveman-style body reaction to eating fat and protein, when the lifestyle they had was similar to that of an animal—totally different to what we have now—working for 12-16 hours, sleeping in one long stint and socialising and drinking too much.”

Zoe Bingley backed him up, warning that switching to the Keto diet could cause bad breath, constipation and bloating (due to reduced carbohydrate and fibre intake) and in women
Amenorrhea—the loss of menstrual cycle, “especially if kilojoules/energy intake is drastically cut also.”

What To Eat On A Keto Diet?

Depending on how quickly you want to reach a full on ‘Ketogenic’ state, you will have to adjust the early stages of your diet plan (yes, you need a plan—or you’ll be smashing oreos and pizza two-cravings in).

Essentially: (most) vegetables, nuts, meat and (some) dairy. Don’t eat any refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta and cereals, or starchy foods like potatoes, beans, legumes and fruit. The small exceptions, according to some advocates are avocado, star-fruit, and berries which can be consumed in moderation.

More specifically, here’s what you should eat: meats, leafy greens, above ground (non starchy) vegetables (think: broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), high fat dairy, nuts and seeds, avocado and berries (they get a hall pass because they are low GI) and other fats like coconut oil, standard olive oil salad dressings, etc.

Should You Try It?

From Jordan Ponder it’s a no. Most people, he reckons, would be better advised to make more incremental changes to their diet, aiming to eat the recommended 5 servings of fruit and veg a day and cutting back on junk-food, rather than focussing specifically on reducing their carb intake. 

Pete Evans, on the other hand, is a strong advocate. He points out that it’s not necessary to cut out all carbohydrates, and that the main goal of the Keto diet is to remove the most common inflammatory foods to humans, which he says are, “Grains, dairy and legumes”, citing the work of Dr David Perlmutter, Professor Eugene Fine and Dr Jason Fung.

However, as with most controversial topics, there are studies to back up both sides of the argument. Whole-grains and legumes have been shown to posses numerous health benefits, and Zoe Bingley argues that any restricted diet detracts from having a healthy relationship with food, may be a detriment to health and places unnecessary limitations on one’s life.

“Carbohydrates are a necessary part of a balanced diet and whilst they aren’t limited entirely when on a Ketogenic diet, the level required to achieve ketosis and to stay in ketosis is well below what the average individual requires for optimal health. This diet can also make socialising and eating out difficult (see video below).”

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  • rbfx4x

    You started out wrong by saying the Keto “flu” is like a detox when it’s a simple electrolyte depletion. Some extra salt fixes it quickly. Full Keto may not be for everyone, especially those who are too busy/lazy to cook whole foods meals. I make fully Keto lunches in about 15mins in the morning, but I’ve been doing this for over 5 years. Never been healthier according to my doctor.

  • Astra

    Tried it. Not for me. I had the flu and i couldnt move. At all. I found myself conduming sugar . I switched to a diet of no sugar at all including fruit and the body fat is shrinking. My waist is smaller

  • Gavin Crawford

    I’m a 70 yo male. Sports nutritionist suggested a 2000k diet with 100g carbs. I’ve reduced dairy, cut out bread pasta rice and potatoes. Go to gym 5 times per week, walk brisk 10000 steps per day and have lost 12k in 10 weeks. From 107 to 95k. Never felt better.

  • Doodle

    I am a 56 year old female, I bumped into this diet by eating grilled and fried meats, fresh veggies and noticed a drop in weight even though we ate ham, cheese, bacon, chicken with skin on, beef with the fat along the edge. I fried zucchini in olive oil. I ate a lot of garden vegetables and fruit.. Lost 35 lbs over 3 months. I know some of it wasn’t following the diet but we just ate what we wanted which happened by chance that it was close to ketogenic diet. My blood work shows great improvement too. No diabetes in me. Yes! So now I am learning about the diet and applying it. Looks promising.

  • thepenguin

    The article doesn’t say that’s what it is… It’s just the opinion of the MKR guy they interviewed. But yeah it’s your body getting used to using fat as a primary food source.

  • Fausto

    It works for some people perfectly. Worthy to try for month or two hardcore ketosis 90% fat 10 %protein and no carbs at all. You’ll see how you feel how your body perform, and check your cholesterol and tryglicerydes before and after. For some healthy young people it turns into nightmare. Cholesterol and tryglicerydes fly high rocket lewel dangerous fot stroke and heart attack… So be careful. Another thing is (don’t understand that one…) : why they suggest to use saturated and animal fats for this diet? Like butter egg yolks, cream yellow cheese? Stupid. Instead this use healthy fat : olive oil , almond avocado, omega 3

  • Daphne

    Good diet. In July of 2017. it was discovered that I got type 2 diabetes, By the end of the July month. I was given a prescription for the Metformin, I stated with the some diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140, Without results to how for my hard work. I really panicked and called my doctor. His response?? Deal with it yourself, I started to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research, Then I found Lisa’s great blog (google ” How I freed myself from diabetes ” ) .. I read it from cover to cover and I started with the diet and by the next week. my blood sugar was 100, Since then. I get a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s, My doctor was very surprised at the results that. the next week. he took me off the Metformin drug, I lost 16 pounds in my first month and lost more than 3+ inches off my waist and I’m able to work out twice a day while still having lots of energy. The truth is that we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods..

  • Tim Osman

    Keto has been around long before a few celebrities hopped on. You can find plenty of positive info on it from doctors including doctor rhonda patrick. This is incredibly misleading and one sided.

  • tdenton1138

    It only stupid if you believe the Lipid Hypothesis, which thru my independent research I believe to be false. Don’t be a lemming, do your own research.

  • David Bennett

    Well first of all Jordan Ponder is full of manure. The last quote stating that Carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy balanced diet is has no factual foundation. Humans have 2 essential types of nutrients. They are first and foremost FATS and particularly saturated fats found in animals followed by moderate amounts of protein. Carbohydrates are absolutely unnecessary in the human diet. If for some reason the body requires glucose the Liver can manufacture it from proteins in the diet. The body cannot synthesize Fats or Proteins, only Carbohydrates. Consumption of carbohydrates does 2 things. 1. It raises blood glucose levels. 2. Blood glucose causes the Beta cells in the Pancreas to produce Insulin which allows the blood glucose to be utilized as fuel. It also creates a metabolic environment that blocks the receptor cells to resist Insulin. Insulin resistance promotes peripheral neuropathy. No thanks. The statement that you must be a celebrity to adopt the ketogenic diet is more nonsense . i am not a celebrity by any stretch if the imagination and have been using a very high fat, moderate protein, very low carbohydrate diet for 40+ years. I used this diet throughout the 1960’s when needing to lose weight. My physician father always used a high fat moderate protein diet. He learned from his physician father who used it to treat epilepsy. Ketogenesis is not a new fad diet in fact Americans consumed a very high fat diet until 1900 when the Food Chain became industrialized. It only got worse after WWII. Big Ag had a tremendous influence on the government “alphabet health agencies” that published bad science as the “balanced diet.” Wake Up! Type II Diabetes is becoming Pandemic globally. Human Metabolic Fact:The Human Body runs on FAT.. The neurological and endocrine systems cannot function efficiently without Cholesterol. Both systems require Cholesterol and LOTS of it. My degrees are focused on Human Physiology and Nutrition. My post doctoral research is focused on Human Nutritional Anthropology. Studying fossilized human poop may not sound very exciting but it has provided much insight into our evolutionary dietary journey. The human body functions most efficiently when serum cholesterol is high, blood glucose is very low, and triglycerides are converted to ketones and used for fuel. Carbohydrates are simply not an essential component of the optimal human diet. As for the “keto flu” and “acetone breath” they are temporary inconveniences that fade over a couple of weeks. By the way, I raise ducks and chickens. That makes me a farmer. So I am a very well educated poultry farmer that specializes in free range organic eggs, duck and chicken meats and am a retired rock’n’roll performer. Human health and nutrition plus music have been my lifelong passions.

  • eCharleen


  • eCharleen

    I encourage everyone to watch “The Magic Pill” documentary on the health benefits of adopting a ketogenic lifestyle. It was just released on Netflix.

  • Cookie Face

    Celiac is NOT the same thing as Keto and has nothing to do with either Paleo or Keto. What was the relevance in referencing celiac disease at all in this article?

  • Howiedavidson

    The Keto diet recommends you to have no sugar! The only fruit that is acceptable are berries and that’s optional!

  • Paul Roberts

    I’m curious how you respond to research that suggests that Hunter gather societies typically consumed anywhere from 20- 40% of their energy by eating carbohydrates including significant amount of fruits.

    Furthermore, while eating a diet high in pasture raised animal products may be beneficial for individual health, it is certainly not possible for all 7+ billion people to do so as there simply is not enough land. Cruel as it may be, factory farmed meat is far more efficient but even it, if applied world wide, would overtax available resources.

  • Liz Wrenn

    I personally think it’s time to quit arguing about what we eat. I had been a hard core vegan for a year and lost 100 lbs.And my blood sugar was perfect. However it wasn’t sustainable for me because I got sick of beans and tofu. And the fake meats are amazing, but they aren’t good for you because they are processed. I have only done ketofor 6 wks and my blood sugars are excellent and I love the variety and the not feeling starved all the time. I feel that unless someone is eating 100% junk, shut up. If people are at least trying to eat right and lose weight, control sugar etc. that’s all that matters and we should all stop being the food police and the authorities and just mind our own biz and our own food intake. This is the last stupid article I’m going to read! I can’t stand the fact that everyone thinks they are right and have the final say!!!!!

  • Susan

    What a biased article! Boo, only proponents of the diet were referenced. No discussion of the correlation of our nation’s #1 killer heart disease or how ketosis overloads the kidneys. Let’s not forget the obvious, global sustainability. Psshhhawww who the hell cares about all that crap so long as everyone looks sexy while boasting rank breath.

  • Leslie

    I suggest you watch the documentary film entitled The Magic Pill. A good portion of it is devoted to debunking your argument about global sustainability

  • Agent109

    This article is horribly misleading. Also to say part of Ketogenic diet consists of “High Fat or protein”. Too much of protein knocks you out of ketosis! >_>

  • RM Wolfe

    For me, it’s not about “looking sexy.” I am a type 2 diabetic, with asthma, COPD (never smoked a day in my life), hypertension, and NAFLD. Lost my gallbladder 25 years ago. I have found in my own personal experience that I can’t trust doctors to diagnose or prescribe. (I’ve had to insist, stamping my feet all the way, on tests and scans to support what I knew, and to assert that I am not a hysterical woman.) What has always worked for me is eliminating grains completely, eliminating nightshades completely, working out regularly, and drinking lots of water. Though my cholesterol and TGs are slightly higher than normal, I have no blockages. I don’t care what I look like. I care about being here for my children and grandchildren. I care about making an impact in the lives of people in my community. I care about contributing.

  • black57

    I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for nearly 17 years…I wish I had been doing it for 61 years.

  • black57

    No, it is detoxification. Its the body response to candida die off which occurs in the gut. Its favorite food is carbohydrates and sugars. Remove its food of choice will die. As it does off, you will feel the symptoms.

  • roycee hickman

    I love Keto. I love not giving up cheese. I love having tons of energy and killing my workouts, and I will admit it proudly, I like the way i am starting to look. I am losing fat and gaining muscle. The scale hasn’t changed a lot in the last month, (down 50 lbs) but my clothes fit better and are a smaller size. I have zero desire to be “skinny” because I love my curves and Keto has helped.

  • Cary Krais

    AWEN!!! I too was a vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for seven of them- thought I felt great until I did not! We all need to honor our body and listen to it’s inate Wisdom- which will be different for each of us! Eat and let Eat!

  • Andrew Peterson

    I never experienced the Keto flu because I maintained my electrolyte balance. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Zach

    I didn’t lose a pound on keto, I only lost weight when I stopped obsessing over food, low carb people are hard to take, bet neurotic and narcissistic… My wishwe steadily dropped when I stopped thinking about those 2 geams of carbs for 8 hours, went from 200 down to 135 by simply eating less of everything and eliminating nothing.

  • Liz Wrenn

    Thanks Logan! I say eat, and let eat. Or nunja. As in nunja business what I eat. 🙂

  • JD

    I did the same thing. After being sick and tired and carbohydrate obsessed every day for years I let go and just ate everything I wanted in moderation. It was especially hard for me all the time being on VLC because I’m not a big meat eater. I never felt good on a low-fat diet, and I never felt good on a vegan diet so I just decided to have everything but in smaller amounts. Cut sugar out.

  • Leslie

    Howiedavidson has it. The first step toward ketogenisis is cutting out sugar. The keto fly is caused by electrolyte/mineral imbalances and easily corrected.

    Keep in mind that all carbohydrates are sugars. That’s why science uses terms like simple and complex. All carbohydrates are sugars. All sugars stimulate an insulin response. Insulin is the cause of the inflammatory response that causes most chronic disease and cancer.

    Research Dr Zoe Harcombe, Dr Ken Berry, Ivor Cummins, Dr Eric Berg

  • Leslie

    You clearly have not done any research and are only parroting the modern medical model which has failed miserably. Look at America. Look at Europe. Look at South Africa and Australia where this standard diet has been implemented
    People are dying from heart disease, diabetes and cancer at unprecedented rates.
    Why would anyone follow a dietary standard with such a statistically negative response?

    I recommend that you do some research.
    Watch the documentary The Magic Pill
    Read the published research done by Dr Zoe Harcombe
    Read the trial transcripts for Dr Tim Noakes
    Follow Dr Eric Berg, Dr Ken Berry
    Listen to the 2 Keto Dudes

  • Linda Leineke

    Lisa who’s blog?

  • Jenny Story

    Same. Electrolytes maintained and no “flu”. Just more energy.

  • Ouvert Bon

    I did keto and went from 215 to 185 in just 2 months (I’m 6’4″). It does work but you have to be disciplined. I weighed my food portions. I’m not doing it now. Too much work. But I think the key is remove all added sugars from your diet. Also, if you are thirsty drink water. Nothing else. Those two things will go a long way to achieving your weight loss goals. And don’t eat too much!

  • disqus_3tqm580ZyH

    I’ve been Keto for 2 years. It regulated my menstruation! It made me drop so much weight without stepping foot in the gym. I WAS in the gym before starting keto. I didn’t go through any Keto flu and quite frankly that’s a scare tactic used. Call it what it is, carb withdrawals. Weaning off of glucose is difficult because your body is used to using the cheap fuel. It goes away and many don’t Experience the Keto flu. And also, it’s true Keto sets high standards on the quality of food but to be honest, I’ve achieved and exceeded my weight loss goals buying most groceries from Walmart and Costco…so…. anyone can do it. They just have to learn to read the ingredients of a product and nutrition label.

  • B Jolly

    I have been on the ketogenic diet for three weeks and have found it to be AWSOME!!!! Booo to this Jordon Ponder naysayer clown who probably has a vested interest promoting high carb foodstuffs. I stumbled across and the recipies are simple and quick to make. I get the bulk of my vitamins and minerals/electrolytes from a Vitamix. I created a slurry i call SHD (super healthy drink). In the half gallon mixer i cram kale, spinich, a cucumber, cilantro, two large lemons, a small beet, turmeric root, ginger root and about two cups of water and blend. I drink 40 to 48 oz a day. The dirst day my bio-physiology transitioned to a ketogenic state, i was totally hooked.

  • Carrie

    Horribly written article. The author clearly did NOT do research beyond a few seconds to find keto is 70-75% fat, not just a mere increase of protein and fat plus the many benefits. Such a waste and misguided “celebrity” ride to gain interest.

  • Darkness

    Vegan much?

    The reality is a keto, paleo, atkins-type diet is predominantly a healthy way of eating for a large amount of metabolic types, and certainly our historic record shows overwhelming evidence of this type of diet that helped evolve our species. The expansion of the prefrontal cortex was predicated off of an omnivore diet.

    All diets have some risk factors. It’s called the natural process of death. There are several foods vegetarians and vegans eat that absolutely destroy good bacteria in the gut which causes all kinds of inflammatory health problems, you might as well pop antibiotics routinely. Eat tomatos? Legumes?

    The point is you’re going to die one day regardless of what you put in your mouth. For most of us that means we’re going to suffer a cardiac arrest, and we’re going to fade into dust or become a food source for something else irregardless of your best attempts at immorality .

    As much as many believe, Vegans don’t own the patent on health, and quite frankly I’m getting a bit fed up of their superiority complex. Get over yourself.

    The best thing anyone can do to improve their health is stay away from a lot of refined sugars, fructose, artificial sweeteners, and grains that cause inflamation. Drink mainly water. Take routine walks, you don’t have to run a marathon or be a gym rat. Having a six pack is not an indicator of true health.

    Avoid antibiotics as much as possible, which means also avoiding them in your food sources. For meat eaters, this means paying attention to those labels.

    Also, get the right amount of sleep, and work and play in the areas that bring you a sense of bigger purpose in life. Avoid toxic codependant relationships and stop to smell the roses often. Never get too comfortable in life. Accept death.

  • asiel gonzalez

    Meat and milk is inflammatory and acidic too. ..I hate this diet..

  • Darkness

    Research metabolic types. One diet fits all is scientifically implausible and potentially dangerous. It ignores everything we’ve learned about divergence in our genetic code thus far.

    Any corporation or lobbyist can commission a medical study to find the data that supports their business/political objective. If I can convince a lot of people that my product is life saving, I’m going to exploit that at the behest of people’s trust and faith. THIS is why it is imperative we take the “for profit” model out of our healthcare system and be very selective in those we label as “experts”.

  • thepenguin

    Cos they both avoid bread/rice etc. and are generally a pain to deal with at restaurants

  • Darkness

    It’s nice to see someone who understands the actual chain effect of what causes disease in the human body. Inflammation is key.

    Too many people think consuming fat (I’m not talking about trans fats) makes you fat, as if it were 1:1. This was never the case until the grain farming community got a hold of the FDA. All of a sudden, fat was the enemy. Everyone started eating Cheerios and bran muffins and drinking fruit smoothies loaded with sugars and couldn’t understand why everyone was getting more unhealthy and fatter. Dr. Atkins was actually part of the movement to dispel the special interests.

    Atkins, Paleo, Keto are not new age fad diets when you look at their core tenants. They’re grounded in unbiased/decommissioned medical and scientific research consisting of many decades of extensive analysis, long before the low fat, high carb diets swept the nation, which eventually helped influence the disportional food pyramid we see today. Consequently this keeps big pharma and the health insurance industry rolling in the profits.

  • Tracker1

    The protein thing really depends on the state of your metabolism… If you’re healthy, supply driven gluconeogenesis is uncommon. Best bet is to measure your own response via blood keytone meter.

    The article is misleading though exactly because your body can create glucose from protein sources. Fasting really is the best bet for losing weight and using ketosis and autophagy. A keto diet when refeeding makes fasting easier.

    The efficacy of a keto diet on its own really depends more in eating frequency. If you’re having over 50-100 calories every hour or so you still won’t lose weight on keto because of insulin response. If you don’t have fat with your protein your insulin response is higher.

    Also insulin response with lean protein is similar to with carbs but it’s offset by other hormones and a lack of a spike in glucose.

    I am a keto advocate, but the diet alone isn’t the whole story.

  • Tracker1

    In the end… Eating frequency, macros and calories count in that order. I’m allergic to legumes, only discovered this past year… It’s hard to avoid soy alone, not to mention peanuts and other beans. And vegetarian is absolutely out given that. Never felt worse than the year I went vegetarian.

    Each person is different. Getting to 2-3 meals a day without snacking and sweet drinks would go a long way to correcting the state of health in this country. It’s all the snacking and sugar that are three biggest influence. Followed by unnatural forms of oil/fat and other refined products in general.

    Heart disease trend lines match up with refined vegetable oils and trans fat usage… Weight and diabetes tracks with snacking, sugar and carb consumption… Loss in stature (getting shorter) tracks with grain and bean consumption.

  • Tracker1

    What’s funny is discovering I’m allergic to legumes tends to shut the vegan conversation faster than anything.. lol.

  • dana delaney

    are you not eating anything else? It sounds like a raw/mostly-green diet, not keto

  • B Jolly

    Yes. I most certainly am. The drink i make in my Vitamix is just to supliment my intake of vitamins, minerals and veggies etc.
    I snack on olives, avocados, celery, pork rinds etc.

  • B Jolly

    Well said about not trusting Doctors implicitly. I feel the same way. Doctors are far to dependent on medications, surgery and simply eliminating symptoms, rather than curing the “illness. The modern medical system is a for profit business that is dependant on their customers being ill, not well.
    Food us the best pharmacy!

  • B Jolly

    This “diet” is giving me some sneaking suspicions about the links to the ADHD epidemic and the overabundance of carbohydrates and toxic amounts of sugar in the average American households diet. Especially the appallingly sugary junk that is passed off as breakfast foods, snacks and drinks for children. Since I have “entered” a state of ketosis I have noticed dramatic changes in my mental clarity, attention span, level of energy and feeling refreshed and ready to go when I wake up, even after only 4 to five hours of sleep. I never feel sluggish after I eat, the severity of my tiredness after a long hot day of welding is not so extreme; and a quick power nap of 15 to 20 minutes is all I need to feel recharged. My overall mood in general is also much more calm. Little things that used to drive me to a state of angry frustration no longer do so. I just calmly find a solution or workaround to little problems like issues with my laptop, challenges with my work etc. What say ye?

  • thepenguin

    When you cut out carbs you are left with protein and fat….

  • thepenguin

    COwspiracy is also on Netflix. Funny how they are both so sure of themselves but it’s literally impossible for both hardcore Keto advocates and vegans to be right at the same time…

  • Dave

    “Carbohydrates are a necessary part of a balanced diet”

    We have essential:

    fatty acids
    amino acids

    Wait, where is the essential carbohydrate? It doesn’t exist!

    Also, a balanced diet doesn’t exist. The American food pyramid is not balanced, it is carb heavy!

    Carbs are not essential to one’s diet.

  • Dave

    Actually, keto flu has more to do with losing excess amounts of electrolytes when one begins the keto diet than it does withdrawing from carbs. For the first week I was taking 4 hour naps a day and thought I was sick. I researched and found out I needed more potassium, sodium and magnesium. All is great with the keto diet now.

  • Dave

    I do keto and I don’t weigh a thing. I used to but after a while I just got the feel for it.

  • Susan

    All I know is that if it has the word “diet” it’s not for me. Eating an alkaline plant based diet has taken me off 7 meds, cured my hypertension, ADHD, arthritis, eczema, hypothyroidism and joint pain. I get to eat all the carbs I want knowing no creature had to die foe me to eat. Their lives are more valuable than a meal. This bothered me even when I was a meat eater.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally for keto for those who truly need it. BUT if it’s being used solely for weight loss by people who are simply to damn lazy to work out you really need to rethink your priorities. Health is just as important inside as it is outside. Curious why no one is talking about plant based keto? The best of both worlds. You can poop daily too! Just saying. ..

  • Susan

    Yes I am vegan much! Haha oh that was soo valley girl phrased, gotta love it! And no, I don’t need to get over myself. Show me the facts though, this author soo failed that cardinal rule. The article is low grade click bait.

    Anyways, all I know is that if it has the word “diet” it’s not for me. Eating alkaline and plant based long term cured my hypertension, ADHD, arthritis, eczema, hypothyroidism and joint pain. I get to eat all the carbs I want. And just so you know my diet rarely incorporates beans & lagumes too, its easy if you meal plan.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally for keto for those who truly need it for medical reasons though. Curious why no one is talking about plant based keto? The best of both worlds. You can poop daily too! Just saying. ..

  • Susan

    You can easily do plant based without beans and lagumes. If you would like I can send you a link for plant based nutritionists who can help with that? I cannot eat gluten and have easily managed to eat planty of foods gentle on the stomach. Beans and lagumes don’t agree with me nuch either.

  • Susan

    Agreed! Its tacky click bait.

  • Susan

    Have you tried plant baed keto?

  • Susan

    My dad is a meat eater still and follows heart healty eating as much as possible. He just survived a major heart attack after 50 years of “moderate” meat consumption. Would you recommend this diet for heart healthy patients? If so, can it reverse heart disease like a whole foods, plant based diet plan can?

  • Tracker1

    If you can suggest some plant sources of complete protein amino profile without legumes that will allow for 120g protein without going over 20g of carbs I’m all ears.

    That said, I like meat.

  • Darkness

    Facts are readily available all over the web, the question is would you invest in that knowledge as a vegan? Some vegans would, so it’s a legitimate question. For every study that supports a vegan based diet, there’s a counter study that supports a high-fat, high-protein animal diet. Again, you follow the money trail, or believe what you choose to believe. If your choices work for you, great. But many vegans are a bit eager to shame others who don’t prescribe to their diet. I find veganism carries an inherent political component, and a defensiveness that often over extends beyond actual facts.

    I was a vegetarian for over 2 years and my brother and his family are staunch vegans. Both my brother and I actually have lost and regained weight on a primarily plant based diet. It’s no mystery to me, you overload with refined and complex carbohydrates because there’s a genuine lack of satiety within those diets. I was constantly eating to feel satisfied and full. Of course I lost weight. Calories in, calories out, and veggies don’t have many calories. But what I noticed is that my body adjusted itself and I actually started putting on more weight again. I was eating a ton of fruit. The same thing happened to my brother.

    I know the drill, I tried making the veggie-centered arguments to others too, the legumes, the whey, etc., etc. At the end of the day there is no replacement or substitute for real animal based amino acids, proteins which are super critical for the molecular structure of body. It just can’t be argued with. Any scientist that says the substitute amino acid strands are equal to animal protein are cooking up something else, most likely at the behest of some corporation.

    I went back to an omnivore-stye diet, specifically cutting out grains, sugars, fructose and tons of carbs or food with a high glycemic index, and my body is responding very well, way better than a vegetarian diet. I have no motive other than to improve my health, so whatever is doing that is fair game. I look at how my body responds on any diet, and I’m seeing good results on this one. It’s more than about becoming slimmer.

    I’ve lost 50lbs and counting with moderate exercise, I’m reversing my type 2 diabetes, low iron and fatigue. I’m 44, and things I thought were gone about my physical appearance because of simply age are slowly returning and I feel good, and STRONG with a solid core. If you want the truth, I never felt strong like this on a plant-based diet. I did lie to myself and others though in order to justify my vegetarianism, and I see other vegetarians and vegans tow the same line all the time.

    When I eat I feel full and satisfied so I’m reaching for less snacks throughout the day, which most are carbohydrate ridden. For some reason vegetarians and vegans believe they’re fine to stuff their mouths with high grain foods because it’s not meat or dairy. Well, neither is rat poison. A vegan bran muffin will do utter damage to your blood sugar, and eventually your pancreas. Inflammation city.

    This is the diet (low-carb, high-fat, high-protein, low glycemic dark leafy greens) actually was recommended by my general practitioner when she diagnosed with type 2, which is an amazing feat within itself as many in the general medical community tow the line the American Medical Journal dishes out, which is information heavily lobbied by Monsanto and big pharma when you trace it back. This creates a skewed food pyramid that favors the products that these corporations make billions on. They’re also the type of farms that receive the biggest government subsidies and incredibly cheap to mass produce. You know what the grocery aisles look like. The middle sections are massively disportionate to the outer isles. Accident? I don’t think so. Try finding any packaged product that doesn’t carry of degree of fructose corn syrup from GMO corn covered in Round Up. This is no accident.

    The Keto diet is not a fad diet. It may have become popular recently, but the science behind it has been around for a very long, long time, way before the food lobbies set up shop in the USA aggressively in the 50’s.

    Dr. Atkins, (an actual accredited medical doctor/scientist) was quite active in trying to legally fight these lobbies which all conspired to sell products that were good for their bottom line but not so great for the pubic’s health. They lobbied Washington very aggressively. All of a sudden, butter, healthy fats, eggs were the “bad guy”. Eating fat “made you fat”. (Love the elementary breakdown of that) We were told to eat more processed/cracked grains and high fructose fruits and corn, and special K, and then wondered why the obesity rates suddenly blew up.

    I’m not here to convince you of anything, because it’s challenging to argue with vegans. I just don’t like it when vegans think it’s their god given right to shame others who eat animals because they believe all the science is behind them, or that they’re more compassionate towards animals. I doubt you’ll find many dedicated Ketos that believe in industry meat farming practices. The diet strongly advocates meat sources from farms that practice non cruelty, and don’t load up their animals with antibiotics. If I saw a duck with her ducklings crossing a busy road I would be THAT guy that gets out of his car and directs traffic to avoid a tragedy. I’d also be the guy that would eat a dead duck with some nice spinach. There’s a natural balance there that all omnivores adhere to in nature. If anything, veganism is the newest trend here.

  • awakeinwa

    Lebron is a walking advert for one of them.

  • Max

    Keto diet is amazing from many angles…once you are on it it becomes a healthy lifestyle…

  • miccullen

    As you would expect from an article that treats Pete Evans as if he has anything to contribute. Badly written, no-research.

  • Manolis Theofilos

    I started football training in February and was following a balanced diet with a calorie deficit. Until August I lost about 6kg. I went on holiday and I gained 3.5kg in 2 weeks.
    Once I returned on the 25th of August, I started Keto on my own and, combined with football training, I have lost 9kg so far (mid October). I don’t count calories, I eat all the bacon I want, I can enjoy my beloved greek salad with Olive oil and Feta cheese (it was a no-no before because of the oil and cheese), I can eat chicken with the skin and mayonnaise (not chicken breast fillet with nothing).
    Socialising is easy.
    Out for food? Just order the steak.
    Drinks? Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin all of them will do. Just stay away from the beer and cocktails with sugar
    Are you invited for dinner and they have pasta? Eat the pasta. Let me tell you a secret. When you are in the Keto diet you CAN do a cheat meal like this. You will be kicked out of ketosis for a day or two, you will retain some water initially but you will be back on fat burning in no time. Just don’t have pasta every week and expect results.
    My colleagues can’t grasp how I eat 3 burgers with cheddar for lunch and claim to be on a diet, politely refusing all the doughnuts and cakes they bring, but still lose weight.
    Yes it was difficult at the start, I did experience the flu but it was over in 2 days. I did experience constipation but it was fixed with magnesium supplements, which by the way are the only supplements I take now, compared to the array of supplements I had to take before.
    Keto WORKS but I understand that it is not for everyone and ALWAYS consult your doctor.

  • Eugene Black

    so many fucken experts

  • Poppycockie

    This was about the ONLY reply here that actually made sense! Most of the others sound like paid advertisements.

  • Flavaboyfan

    I’ve been on KETO for over two years now. I initially began KETO because I wanted to lose my love handles. It worked. The transition into KETO wasn’t difficult for me and I ended up losing about 30 pounds and the love handles. I then hit a plateau. Afterall, there is only so far you can go. I wouldn’t want to be looking anorexic right? I did, however, lose muscle mass and also at the same time came to the realization that treadmills do not help people lose weight. It’s a myth. It’s all about caloric deficiency. I did experience increased energy and focus although oftentimes this was coupled with a lot of irritability. Obviously, when restricting consumption of foods high in carbohydrates one’s serotonin levels tend to plummet causing undue stress.
    KETO also helped in my being able to eliminate sugar from my diet which as we all know wreaks havoc with an individual’s insulin levels and requires one to constantly be eating something high in carbohydrates. Having said goodbye to all that was indeed a game changer. Adherence to such a strict diet, however, requires perseverance and discipline. It’s not for the type of person who easily falls prey to a night out on the town with friends. In fact, I lost friends following this kind of regimen but at the same time reminded them of how good I look and the fact that if they continued eating a high carb sugar laden array of foods that soon they would be looking old, tired and decrepit. Sadly, however, most of us cannot give up those coveted treats that will eventually lead to our untimely demise. So it’s a choice one has to make for themselves. Either you fall prey to the food industry’s ploy to keep you hooked upon all the junk food out there or you yourself make a consciousness decision to follow a strict regimented lifestyle that requires you to place restrictions on the type of food you consume on a daily basis. I, myself, have chosen the latter, and have to admit, I’m better off having done so.


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