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The Most Narcissistic Orgasm Of Your Life Is Now Available… At A Serious Price

Porn companies have found a way to give megalomaniacs better orgasms…

Self admiration is a valuable trait. There are some things we do though, that make us question whether esteem has maybe crossed over into vanity. And for those that take amour-propre seriously, looking at yourself in a mirror while you stroke your… ego… is nothing to be ashamed of. Until you get caught.

Now though, porn companies are offering an even more intense way to indulge your megalomania. The only problem? You are guaranteed to get caught (or at least, be seen). In fact that’s the condition on which your orgasm depends.

This is all down to ‘deepfake’ technology, which ‘came’ onto the scene last year, enabling people to (realistically) swap the faces of in-action porn stars with celebrities (or whoever the tech geeks had in their camera roll).

Now though, the porn company Naughty America is looking to reverse the trend, providing a “consensual” deepfake experience. How does this work? Basically, customers send images of themselves to Naughty America, who use the ‘deepfake’ technology to insert you into a porn scene with an actor and setting of your choosing.

“We’re customizing content using deep learning,” Naughty America CEO Andreas Hronopoulos told Mashable.

The “deep learning” he refers to is the process by which artificial intelligence learns to mimic actions (in this case, yours), based on the data (images, videos, etc.) presented to it. Without it, this this new kind of image-manipulation technology would not exist.

To star in your own Naughty America film, you would need to pay anywhere between a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars, “Depending on how technical the customisations for the user’s fantasy are,” (Mashable). To achieve this, the customer would also need to provide the company with a lot of visual data, including photos and videos of facial reactions—and whatever else they want inserted into the video.

Naughty America also has a legal team involved making sure consent is obtained from the performers involved, as well as a stringent application process, to ensure people do not use the service to create high quality “revenge porn.”

“Any customers who want to use the customization service would have to submit the same documents they would if they were a performer. The identification would have to match the images of the person who wants to be inserted into a film. The end product would be provided to that specific customer directly, delivered in a format preferable to them,” Naughty America told Mashable.

So, could this new service redeem the reputation of “deepfake” technology, which is currently associated with slander and revenge porn? Only time will tell. To make up your own mind head on over to check out the company’s (NSFW) samples.

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