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27 Freshest Men’s White Sneakers To Buy Right Now

The staple no man should be without.

White sneakers have rapidly become a menswear cult. Their versatility, practicality and timelessness has solidified their place in any modern man’s wardrobe.

Whether you are heading to a job interview, summer wedding or just a dinner at the local with some mates, the white sneaker style is appropriate for all occasions. Pair them with jeans, shorts or even a suit, it’s safe to say, no matter what’s planned, pull them off correctly, and you’re in for a home run.

If you instead would prefer a fleet of white sneaks’ there is a multitude of different options that suit any and every budget and style. To make your decision (somewhat) easier, we at D’Marge have scrutinised the expansive white sneaker market and have complied a list of our favourite low-top, high-top and slip-on white sneakers.

Low Top Sneakers

In recent years low cut white sneakers have transitioned from an on court icon to an everyday essential – even if it’s as simple as wearing sneakers with a shirt or sneakers with a suit. Brands like Common Projects, Veja and Brunello Cucinelli have redefined what white sneakers look like and what their role in a wardrobe is. No matter if you’d prefer a clean cut silhouette or chunky sole, leather or canvas, there is a white sneaker to fit all styles. No matter your preferences for materials or style, there is a low-top white sneaker for you.

Converse Chuck Taylor $50
Superga 2750 - Low top sneakers
Superga Classic 2750 $105
Adidas Stan Smith
Adidas Stan Smith $135
Shoes like pottery 01JP
Shoes Like Pottery 01JP $175
Oliver Cabell Low 1 $178
Greats The Royale Blanco
Greats The Royale – Blanco $179
Suitsupply White Sneakers $199
Camper Runner Sneaker $200
Veja V 10
Veja V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather Sneakers $230
Axel Arigato - Dunk sneakers
Axel Arigato Dunk Sneakers $249
Grenson Sneaker 1
Grenson Sneaker 1 $269
Common Projects Original Achilles Low
Common Projects Original Achilles Low  $459
Officine Generale Leather Sneakers
Officine Generale Leather Sneakers  $500
Giuseppe Zanotti Double Zip Low
Giuseppe Zanotti Double Zip Low  $769
Brunello Cucinelli Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
Brunello Cucinelli Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers  $1065

High Top Sneakers

Live in a colder climate? Love Basketball? Want to be Casey Neistat? Whatever your reason, high-top white sneakers can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Whilst they might seem like a summer staple, white sneakers can add contrast to both dark winter days and outfits as well as providing more practicality and durability to their low-top alternatives. Here is our best high-top white sneakers.

Novesta Start Dribble
Novesta Star Dribble $89
Converse Chuck Taylor
Converse Chuck Taylor 1970’s Hi $119
Nike Blazer Mid '77
Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage $135
Spring Court B2 Canvas
Spring Court B2 Canvas $160
Comme Des Garçons Play All Star
Comme Des Garçons Play All Star Hi-Top Converse $235
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Francy Sneaker $515
Koio The Primo Bianco $517
Common Projects Achilles Mid
Common Projects Original Achilles Mid $529
lanvin canvas and velvet high
Lanvin Canvas and Velvet High $800
Saint Laurent Joe distressed high top sneaker
Saint Laurent Joe Distressed High Top Sneaker $949

Slip On Sneakers

If your already a fan of the white leather sneaker but don’t want the hassle of laces, slip-ons are for you. Flying first class? These will pair perfectly with a travel suit so you can maintain that corporate image whilst travelling in supreme comfort. Our top 7 slip-on white sneakers are as follows:

Vans Classic Slip On
Vans Classic Slip On $50
Oliver Cabell Canary White
Oliver Cabell Canary White $235
Grenson Sneaker 16
Grenson Sneaker 16 $245
Kenzo Jumping Tiger
Kenzo Jumping Tiger $285
Hogan Flat Laceless Sneakers
Hogan Flat Laceless Sneakers $469
Bally Mens lamb leather skate trainer
Bally Men’s Lamb Leather Skate Trainer $595
Givenchy Urban Street
Givenchy Urban Street $900
Valentino Garavani
Valentino Garavani Open Striped Leather Slip-On $990

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