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The Airline You’ve Never Heard Of May Have The Best Business Class In The Sky

Hidden gem.

Oman is famous for its mouth-like humidity and dazzling souks, but few are aware its flagship airline has one of the best business class seats in the sky.

So why is it so underrated?

Well, after adding it to our list of the best business class seats in the sky, we realised it’s not the most convenient airline in the world for Aussies.

Reason being, to get to Muscat (from Australia), from which you can leap to any destination in Oman’s network, you (usually) have to get a codeshare to Kuala Lumpur, and then a secondary flight to Muscat (and then continue on your journey).

For this reason, it has a lot of codeshare partners, including Malaysia Airlines, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Thai Airways.


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However, if you are willing to do this, you can get return business class flights to London from Sydney for about AU $5,500 with Oman Air – quite reasonable considering Qantas business class return tickets for similar dates are about AU $10,000. Sure: it’s a 31-hour journey rather than a 24 hour one, but hey: cheaper.

You’ll also net yourself an award-winning 787 business class (from Kuala Lumpur onwards), which consists of 77.5-inches of bottom tingling comfort. Chuck in a seat pitch of 82 inches (and width of 22.8 inches) and you have an ergonomic party underneath your pants.

Unlike the other seats in this list, it comes in a 2-2-2 configuration, which you might think is a blast from the past (and in a way it is), but not in a bad way; the staggered angle means direct aisle access for all.

Now for the ‘best in the world’ claim. What makes us say that? After all: it doesn’t have the most spacious suite in the sky, and its aisle seats aren’t all that private. Well, we’d argue, through sheer beauty, and epic privacy, as well as its ample legroom and mind-melting modern accessories (blended with old-world decor), it really is the best business class in the sky right now.

Overall, it’s one of the most luxurious business class experiences in the sky, for a surprisingly modest price point.

Not sold? Check out our list of the best business class seats in the sky and decide for yourself.

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