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Mythbusters ‘Contamination’ Experiment Proves Why Social Distancing Is So Damn Important

Embrace your inner germaphobe…

We all know how fast the germs can spread. When we’re in the supermarket we give other shoppers a wide berth. When we’re on a plane or train we remind ourselves not to touch our face. When walking down the street we hold our breath as a jogger passes. After paying for takeaway we sanitize our hands.

Then we go for dinner at our parents’ house, or friends’ and let our guard down. While this kind of gathering should now be curtailed (with the new recommendations in place), as little as two weeks ago Australians were still having large scale weddings. Even now, weddings are still allowed (though there are new, significant restrictions on their size).

In this atmosphere, we let our guard down. But as the following Mythbusters video shows, these kind of scenarios are one of the worst when it comes to contamination. And before The Glib retort: “If you’re living with your friends or family (or spending time with them) you’re screwed anyway,” – we’d highly encourage you to watch the video.

In the video, Adam has a drip attached to his nose, set to leak at the same rate as a usual runny nose. The liquid leaked is invisible to the naked eye, but detectable to UV light. His mission? Infect as many of the unwary guests as possible, without doing anything people don’t usually do at a dinner party. The result: overwhelming success.

Though it appears today’s virus spreads even faster than the fake version of a cold this Mythbusters video tested, it proves two crucial points. Firstly: being a germaphobe pays off. And secondly: social distancing is crucial if you want to reduce your infection risk.


Both points appear to be resonating with people. Even though the video was published in 2015, people are watching it today.

In fact, the top comment is: “Who else is watching this to find out/learn how easy this could spread?”

“Looks like germaphobes will have a higher survival rate….be like the germaphobes.”

“This probably is great timing,” wrote another. “Practice social distancing right now during this time.”

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  • JoB

    What a frustrating website!!!!!!! Endless pop-ups. Is that really necessary?

  • Martin Kurowski

    same video is on YouTube without the hassle

  • Rachel-Rae Black

    not permitted in New Zealand because of copyright restrictions. Really? Copyright is the most important thing right now?

  • Don Springer

    No what this tells you isn’t about social distancing it teaches you to wash your damn hand and don’t touch your face

  • Don Springer

    Run Adblock it stops that crap

  • robertmf

    Yeah… imagine 3D printers trying to help reproduce ventilators for COVID-19 patients… and getting sued for helping… Sucks…

  • Eyam TheZombie

    I didn’t get any of it.

  • Ignacio Gonzalez

    And he is not even addressing the droplets that we expel out of our mouth by talking, laughing, coughing, sneezing etc. In my opinion, this is important, because if somebody is preparing food without a mask and talking at the same time, then they send the food to somebody else via Ubereats, Grubhub etc. We might be getting a little extra.

  • Zaklex

    I’m in that don’t care crowd.

  • Christopher Whitcomb

    Kill your grandparents. I don’t care about them either.

  • rsexton

    Trump is a germaphobe. Smart guy!

  • Jude

    see the tiny Watch on Youtube in the lower right of the screen…. ?

  • Drake Featherwing

    Bugger off sideways then. No need to be a douche.

  • Drake Featherwing

    It doesn’t make social distancing any more necessary than a mask, given the especially small particulates that can carry even farther than what they showed.

  • Don Springer

    Well yeah ventilator now days are not the old simple ones they are way more complicated and if not built right you could kill someone

  • JoAnn

    Yes finally…why are we all quarantining then ordering door dash. Geez…

  • Debra Massey

    then why comment?

  • BdV

    Who’s the real douche?

  • Ingeborg Nordén

    Some high-risk patients (like me) are too disabled to do their own cooking; when the kitchen staff at this nursing home botches a meal order, I have to rely on ordered-in food. (And yes, the kitchen has fouled up often enough that even my mother calls the situation unacceoptable.)

  • JamieG

    Coronaviruses do not spread through food well at all. This is proven for ALL Coronaviruses – including Covid 19. You do not need to be worried about the food supply.
    Now if you want to talk about Norovirus which will give you a nasty case of diarrhea and vomiting? Spreads VERY well in food… so just hope that you don’t encounter that in your burger.

  • Beverley Johnson

    Then YOU are a BIG part of the Problem!!!!

  • Joel

    Washing hands is useful but not all the time. How many times do you think you would have to wash your hands thru the dinner party you just witnessed in order to prevent getting Adam’s “germs.” Like all things, hand washing, sanitizer, social distancing, etc are part of a comprehensive strategy. No one thing will work without the other.

  • PJ

    Don, that’s not what the issue was.

  • fourijm

    You living on Mars?

  • Alicia Kittski

    You forgot your picture to go along with the useless “I don’t care” comment.

  • anindoorkitty

    Gel is just as effective as washing your hands. Just hold a small bottle in your hands at all times. It will not only remind you NOT to touch your face, but is there for immediate use. What I do every time I have to go out.

  • anindoorkitty

    Proven that the real culprit is droplets. Not aerosol. Mask work well for prevention of droplet contamination if someone sneezes or coughs in your face.

  • anindoorkitty

    You won’t last long

  • Heartland Patriot

    Just another worthless troll.

  • LadyHawk

    All you got to do is read the story about typhoid Mary.

  • CountryBoy84

    Use the Brave browser

  • Esther RucciFeliciano

    The classification of an infectious agent as airborne and therefore ‘aerosol-transmissible’ has significant implications for how healthcare workers (HCWs) need to manage patients infected with such agents and what sort of personal protective equipment (PPE) they will need to wear. Such PPE is usually more costly for airborne agents (i.e. aerosol-transmissible) than for those that are only transmitted by large droplets or direct contact because of two key properties of aerosols: a) their propensity to follow air flows, which requires a tight seal of the PPE around the airways, and b) for bioaerosols, their small size, which calls for an enhanced filtering capacity. Several recent articles and/or guidance, based on clinical and epidemiological data, have highlighted the potential for aerosol transmission for Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome-associated coronavirus (MERS-CoV) [1, 2] and Ebola virus [3, 4]. Some responses to the latter have attempted to put these theoretical risks in a more practical light [4], and this nicely illustrates the quandary of how to classify such emerging or re-emerging pathogens into either the large droplet (short-range) versus airborne (short and possibly long-range) transmission categories. However, this delineation is not black and white, as there is also the potential for pathogens under both classifications to be potentially transmitted by aerosols between people at close range (i.e. within 1 m). Definitions

  • Michael Parker

    Wear a mask!

  • Roxane IluvmyGSD

    We live in a world of germs. We always will. We have an immune system for a reason. Sometimes it works efficiently and sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, I want to live in freedom even if that means the risk of getting sick. What kind of quality of life is this to be confined to our homes? Our governor is not even giving us a date when our lock down will end. It is unwise to let the government control our lives like this. Very unwise.

  • Roxane IluvmyGSD

    I would rather risk illness than to have my freedom taken away by the government. COVID19 can be prevented the same as all other viruses. You’ll all see. There should have been concern and precautions taken, but then fear and hysteria took over and now here we are in lock down.

  • melophat

    correct, however, it does last up to 24 hours on the cardboard material that makes up the containers for most togo items and potentially longer on the plastic bags that they’re delivered in.. still should be wiping down any and all delivery bags and containers, then washing your hands before eating

  • Jimmy H

    thank goodness we have laws to keep people like you from making things worse!

  • Ljb PlaysPC
  • Weeb94

    Gonzalez wtf is grubhub BRUH LOL

  • How_to


  • Jennifer Lynch Burgess

    Eventually it can be prevented in the usual way but when it is new we have no immunity to it to fight it and no vaccines or treatments developed so to save a lot of lives you do this while scientists work frantically to make vaccines and treatment.

  • Jennifer Lynch Burgess

    And they are thinking about reclassifying as aerosol due to new studies being done. No point taking chances esp those having to work the frontlines.

  • Esther RucciFeliciano

    I have been saying that from the beginning common sense will tell you if you sneeze all the droplets are not the same size. Some are very small those are the ones that stays in the air. I have been telling everybody this virus spread too quickly and the quickest way a virus spreads is in the air. Then just the other day a mathematician from MIT /doctor said the same thing. Another question is this, then why is everybody wearing masks? if it was not in the air then why is everybody wearing mask even the doctors and nurses and who know those doctors and nurses that are sick or that died at the beginning were not wearing mask.
    Hey! and happens to the bodies that are being put in a refrigerator truck? are the family members able to take their bodies for a proper funeral? And I would like to ask a doctor is the virus still alive in a dead body? I think it is because it is a virus and if it lives on plastic it can still live in a dead body.

  • MissKingdomVII

    Just click the youtube video and shut up. Also Adblock use it, you won’t deal with any crap.

  • Cori Tim

    so why all the hype about this coming from wet food from China.

  • Marcella Cramer

    the virus is believed to come from a wet market. which has nothing to do with wet food. it is a term for an area (like a market place) which sells and slaughters (on site) rare and wild animals from all over the world. Wild animals have all different kinds of diseases. By being brought together, it exposes these animals to other diseases, which causes mutations as it spreads to new hosts. The unsanitary conditions during handling or slaughtering has allowed the virus to mutate and cross over to humans.

  • Amanda Peterson

    I think she means POST Cooking process. There is still the time when the server touches the inside and outside of the box, can touch the food that was prepared after, and the fork and knife that they place in your bag along with the napkin.


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