Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Haircut Could Be This Summer’s Big Trend

Whenever we feature Cristiano Ronaldo here at DMARGE, it’s usually got something to do with a new workout routine that you can replicate in an attempt to get yourself just as fit as arguably the greatest living footballer. Today, however, things are a little different, as the Juventus forward may have just given us a glimpse into the changing world of men’s hairstyles.

Ronaldo, like a few other big-name footballers (here’s looking at you, Becks) has always been one to change up his hairstyle on occasion – nowhere better exemplified than when he let his girlfriend cut is recently – but it’s fair to say his looks haven’t always been to everyone’s taste (although we’re sure he’s been singlehandedly keeping Brylcreem in business). His latest look however is a little more universal, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see many guys adopting it in the coming months.


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The image in question was posted on his Instagram feed on the 27th May, accompanied by the caption “Approved?” – perhaps the usually-confident man from Portugal is more insecure than we thought – to which it has received hundreds of comments indeed approving of the wavy new look.

His wavy locks are a far cry from the slick-backed look of his Real Madrid days, and gone is the small man-bun he’s been seen sporting on several occasions since donning a Juventus jersey. It’s not a million miles from the look he was rocking when he joined Manchester United for the 2003-4 season as a young 18-year-old, just without the blonde highlights.


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Approved ? 🤔

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It certainly looks more indie than what we’ve come to expect from Ronaldo, which makes it more appealing to a wider audience. Don’t be surprised to see a wave of waves in the coming months when you walk down the high street (when lockdown restrictions ease, of course).

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