12-Week Body Transformation Proves Only 2 Things Matter For Weight Loss

Keep it simple.

12-Week Body Transformation Proves Only 2 Things Matter For Weight Loss

Image: DMARGE/Reddit

  • This Reddit user lost 30 lbs in 3.5 months by focusing on two simple strategies.
  • They aimed for 2400 calories daily, eating mostly lean meats and fruits, with occasional cheat meals.
  • Combining intermittent fasting, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and minimal supplements enhanced his weight loss.

Body transformations are our bread and butter here at DMARGE. We get a real kick out of seeing blokes who’ve been struggling with their weight and often their mental health alongside finding a way to turn everything around. In an effort to democratise the secrets behind their fitness success, we share some of our favourite stories.

When you’re trying to shift some of those extra kilos, it’s easy to get bogged down by complex diets, high-tech supplements, and overly elaborate workout regimes — trust me, we’ve all done it. However, a recent firsthand account from one especially dedicated chap reveals that when it comes to weight loss, simplicity reigns supreme.

Here’s a look at how focusing on two of the most important aspects of weight loss can make the process a whole lot easier for blokes everywhere.

The Undisputable Pillars Of Weight Loss

The man in question — who posted his transformation to Reddit’s r/ProgressPics subreddit and goes by the username ‘Comfort_Betrays‘ — embarked on a short and sharp journey to revamp their health and physique. But make no mistake, making a significant change in such a short time frame — just over 3 months in total — requires careful planning.

The cornerstone of his strategy? Two things: first, meticulous calorie tracking. Nothing is more important when it comes to losing weight than CICO (Calories in, calories out). In short, you have to be in a calorie deficit; you have to burn more calories than you consume. We’ve explained this process at length elsewhere.

In this case, the poster…

“…aimed for 2400 [calories]] daily, but sometimes a bit more on weekends. I weighed myself daily and if I approached the end of the week with more than 2lbs of weight lost, I allowed myself a nice Sunday cheat meal… or two”.


This methodical tracking was paired with an additional tactic that has been all the rage on social media in recent months, with very good reason: an emphasis on whole foods. Predominantly, lean meats and fruits, complemented by moderate amounts of dairy such as eggs, yogurt, and cheese. While vegetables were less frequent guests on this man’s dinner plate, we always recommend you get some greens down you and, wherever possible, avoid the processed stuff.

Supporting Roles

While calorie control and whole foods were the stars of the show, other elements played a supporting role. Intermittent fasting — though now much more controversial than it once was — streamlined this man’s eating window, potentially aiding in fat loss by limiting caloric intake to a specific part of the day.

Regular exercise, including walking and strength training with heavy compound movements, was naturally the most important element after calorie tracking and diet composition, supporting both calorie burn and muscle growth.

M/35/6’3 [225 > 195 = 30lb Lost] 3.5 Months
byu/Comfort_Betrays inprogresspics

Sleep and mindfulness were also integral, with far too many men still neglecting their recovery when it comes to weight loss. Aiming for eight hours of sleep and incorporating daily meditation, this dude underscored the importance of rest for both weight loss and his mental health.

Additionally, he adopted a minimalist approach to supplements, relying only on essentials like creatine and vitamin D3. While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on lifestyle over supplements, we reckon there’d be no harm in chucking in some Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and fish oils into the mix too.

The Bottom Line

The takeaway from this particular journey is clear: significant transformations don’t necessarily require complex strategies. By focusing on the fundamentals of calorie tracking and whole food consumption, anyone can embark on a path to a healthier, leaner body in no time at all.