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Celebrity Chef Tobie Puttock Shares Surprising Truth About Steak Every Australian Should Know

The ultimate protein source? Perhaps not…

Let’s be real for a second: every Australian faces an unreasonable pressure in life to love a good steak.

But perhaps we should open our minds more to alternative food sources.

Speaking of which: Australian celebrity chef Tobie Puttock recently posted a chart on his Instagram story which shows red kidney beans provide you with many of the benefits (in some cases more) of beef.

Image: Tobie Puttock’s Instagram Story.

Coming from a celebrity chef, operating in a world where vegans (and those who in any way insult the art of steak-cooking) have historically been (metaphorically) thrown to the lions, we thought we’d prick up our ears.

The graph claims 100 grams of red kidney beans have the same amount of protein as 100 grams of steak, more fibre, more iron, more calcium, more magnesium and less cholesterol.

It also points out red kidney beans are cheaper and require less water to produce.


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Though we don’t fancy telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t be eating (we leave that to our nutrition experts), this is some serious food for thought.

That all being said, we have seen similar claims moderated by the likes of nutrition coach Max Lugavere, who is a strong believer in the power of meat (see: Instagram posts below) as part of a balanced diet.


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Chew on that.

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