Arnold Schwarzenegger's Eye-Opening Admission Proof Even Champions Suffer Setbacks

"We all have setbacks, but they aren't permanent – you can do it."

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Eye-Opening Admission Proof Even Champions Suffer Setbacks

Image: Glamour

Role models. The people who in our lives whom we deem to be a constant source of inspiration; the ones who can do no wrong. We try to imitate them as best as possible, and follow any messages they provide. Whether it’s a family member, friend or even a celebrity, we can all benefit from having a guiding figure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a role model for many. Bodybuilders and gym-bros, predominantly. But the Austrian muscle mountain, who continues to show incredible strength even at the age of 73, could be just as much a source of inspiration for those who have never even stepped foot in the gym.

Don’t believe us? Check our Arnie’s most recent Instagram post, in which he admits he hasn’t been performing at the level we’ve all come to know and love him for. Specifically, he refers to his experience of the global lockdown, which has seen businesses close, people laid off from work and friends and family separated from each other for several months.

“I get questions non-stop about how I stay positive during the pandemic, how I train, how I eat…”, he begins.

“…and I decided I can use this newsletter to answer questions and keep all of you up to date on what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, and what vision I’m currently chasing.”

However, Arnold admits that even though he rides his bike and trains every day, “I’ve gained 10 pounds and when I wear dark clothes during Zooms…

…I feel pretty good, but when I look at myself in the mirror at night and see the belly, I’m cursing at myself, saying ‘Arnold. You won 13 world bodybuilding titles. The Guinness Book of World Records call you the most perfectly developed man in the history of the world!”

“What the hell happened to the six pack? What is going on here? This is depressing.”

We’ve all been there.

Further proving his human status, Arnold says, “I decided to switch from sweatpants to regular pants for a meeting recently and let me tell you, I spent the whole meeting feeling like I was in a straitjacket, just waiting to put my sweats back on.”

“I know I won’t start shooting any movies or TV shows until the summer, so I haven’t had that big vision or motivation to avoid the bread and the sweets and get in perfect shape.”

So, about that inspirational message,

“Now I’m committing to all of you: This month I am going to drop the weight I gained and get to 218 again. I am going to conquer March. Who is with me?”

“You might have started the month with a big vision of how you were also going to conquer this month. If you didn’t start with a vision, sit down now and write one down.”

“It doesn’t have to be big. It can be ‘move every day’. Or ‘finish this book’. Or ‘perfect my resume’. Then get going!”

“If you did start with a vision and got derailed, dust yourself off and get going.”

“We all have setbacks, but they aren’t permanent – you can do it.” (Said in Arnold’s distinctive Austrian accent, of course).

“And if you’re just kicking ass, take a second to congratulate yourself, and then keep going.”

A towering source of muscular light if ever there was one.

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