Bizarre Bentley 'Detailing' Technique Will Have Traditionalists Spinning

Privyet, Pollock!

Bizarre Bentley 'Detailing' Technique Will Have Traditionalists Spinning

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We bandy around the term ‘lunatic’ a lot on DMARGE, but if there’s one group of people that (endearingly) deserve that title above all else, it’s Russian car enthusiasts.

Russia is known worldwide as the home of vehicular insanity. From wild dashcam videos to crazy car modifications, the world’s biggest country is home to some seriously larger-than-life automotive escapades.

The latest Russian ‘innovation’ comes from Detailing Alarm, a high-end car detailing studio in Moscow. The intrepid detailers there have come up with an intriguing paint job method for a client’s Bentley Continental GT: pendulum painting.


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Normally trotted out as a primary school art class exercise, pendulum painting involves filling a bucket or other receptacle and swinging it over your canvas, letting the paint drip-feed down in an abstract yet consistent pattern, mimicking the wild paint splatters of eclectic abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock.

Using the method on a car is actually a pretty novel idea. Sure beats a sh*tty vinyl wrap or Plastidip. Props to you, Detailing Alarm.

As one commenter on Instagram puts it: “How to depreciate the value of a bentley tremendously 101.”

Abstract art making its way onto luxury cars is hardly a new phenomenon. Take Andy Warhol’s famous BMW M1 Art Car, or Joshua Vides’ ‘sketchbook’ first-gen Honda NSX.


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We’re not sure how we feel about ‘art cars’, but it’s exciting to see a car story come out of Russia that isn’t some Fiat 124 driving up the back of a Lada.

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