Films Like The Hangover Have Given ‘Boys Trips’ An Unfair Reputation

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas..."

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Admit it, in our youth we all saw The Hangover and wished that one day we’d have a raunchy and ridiculously exciting trip to Vegas with our mates.

But over the years – and thanks to many, many movies – a stereotype has formed. And that stereotype is that every time men go away on a ‘boys’ trip’, the trip will solely revolve around booze, drugs and strippers.

Sure, there are some vacations that involve aspects of heavy drinking, crazy scenarios and debauchery, à la The Hangover, Hot Time Time Machine, EuroTrip and Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, – although I don’t know anyone who’s ever had a trip as wild as the ones featured in those fictional films – but for the most part, boys’ trips simply involve healthy male bonding.

Think camping in a serene place where you spend the day fishing or surfing or four-wheel driving and then, at night, you enjoy a few beers over a campfire while chatting with your mates.

Therefore, there’s no need for society to make men feel guilty for going on boys’ trips or like they need to convince their partners that nothing nefarious will happen. Instead, we should encourage men to take trips away with their mates; especially as it’s good for their mental and physical health.

Multiple studies, including one done by Harvard University, show that by spending more time with friends – especially when on a vacation – men can improve their life satisfaction, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, increase their life expectancy and cut the risk of heart disease.

Plus, as Mitch Adams, the co-founder and Transformation Coach at The Gentlemen’s Club – an immersive six-month program designed to take men on a journey to discover all things health and well-being, which includes a three-day ‘survival’ camp – advises, going on relaxing trips with friends can also help men focus on what’s important.

“[Trips away are] a much-needed reset for us. It enables us to strip away the facade that modern-day society has forced us to construct to communicate. It creates a connection back to self, our brothers and nature, giving us the chance to tap into what we really need and desire.

“This time together allows us to discover a new found purpose and energy. We then return home to our families and achieve new levels of elevation in the world.”

Mitch Adams

In my opinion, we as a society need to break the boys’ trip stereotype and support men when they take vacations with their mates, as they’ll definitely be better for it. Plus, the chances of them waking up with a missing tooth and a tiger in their bathroom are slim to none…

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