Outrageous Requests Celebrities Have Made On Private Jets

private jet

private jetThe perks of fame range from jumping the queue at clubs to getting free swag in awards show gift bags. And the private jet? That’s practically a requirement if you want to top the A-list.

JetSmarter, an on-demand private jet booking service, has flown many of Hollywood’s elite (think Jamie Foxx and Kim Kardashian) and counts Jay Z amongst its investors. The company recently dished on some of the craziest requests its celebrity clientele have made – and let’s just say they go well beyond the extra packet of peanuts you’re happy to score.

Can you guess the famous faces behind these ten OTT demands?

  • One celeb requested an entire plane be packed with white Casablanca lilies.
  • Another requested that the plane be stocked with Cool Ranch Doritos and Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry – and nothing else.
  • A star demanded complete darkness for their flight, so every window was covered to ensure no natural light came in.
  • A celebrity makes weekly cross-country flights along with a team of stylists, and spends the entire time trying on outfits, doing alterations, and laying out clothes for the upcoming week.
  • One celeb requested a private jet from New York City to South Florida – just to fetch their smartphone.
  • Another chartered a flight to ship Birkin bags and clothes back to their hometown after a shopping spree.
  • Someone brought expert dog trainers on board for mid-air pooch school.
  • Food tasters joined a flight to make sure the catering would please their client’s exacting palate.
  • On one trip, the only music played during the entire flight was Liberace.
  • A couple once chartered a plane to nowhere, paying nearly seven figures for a six-hour flight that ended in the same location where it began. They indulged in a very expensive bottle of wine, spa treatments, expert skin care, and a manicure/pedicure. They also brought a world-class chef on board, as well as one of the world’s most well-known opera singers to serenade them for an hour.

Stars: they’re not like us at all.

[Via Travel + Leisure]