Shrivelled Testicles Might Be The Key To Better Sex, According To Experts

Turns out a bit of 'spanner water' could improve your sex life.

Shrivelled Testicles Might Be The Key To Better Sex, According To Experts

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Shrivelled testicles could hold the key to a better sex life but, before you start panicking, we’re not talking about some unfortunate or irreversible condition here. We’re actually referring to the invigorating practice of cold-water swimming. According to health experts from across the board, taking a plunge into chilly waters could have a positive impact on both your physical and sexual well-being…

With so many things out there that risk damaging or dampening your sex life — including the little-known risks of intermittent fasting and the terrifying repercussions of getting too little sleep — it’s always a pleasant surprise when news breaks of something that could actually give your sex life a welcome boost. This week, experts have revealed that getting your goolies into some ice-cold water could be just the trick…

In news that may not come as a surprise to devoted acolytes of the cold water king Wim Hof — who’s found immense fame and a vast following by promoting cold water swimming, citing a number of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits — taking a dip in cold water could not only help you have better sex but lead you to have it more regularly and to more satisfying ends. How? Well, this is where our two experts come into play…

Carly Dober, director of the Australian Association of Psychologists, believes there are a number of ways that cold water swimming could revolutionise your next root: cold water immersion burns brown fat, stimulates the release of endorphins (“feel-good” hormones), and improves circulation throughout the body.

WATCH: Not convinced? Hear it from the king of cold water himself, Wim Hof.

Not only are you more likely to have better sex when you’re feeling better about yourself, but improved circulation means better blood flow to the genitals which — for obvious reasons — can enhance sexual experiences. Dober summarises the effect thus:

“All of these factors can benefit your sex life, and when you have more sex, you typically want more sex, so it is a good cycle to get into.”

Carly Dober

But the benefits don’t end there. According to Dober, after taking a dip in chilly waters or enjoying a cold shower, you may experience a “natural high” as a result of the adrenaline rush you get from overcoming the challenge of the cold water. Not only will this boost your confidence and self-belief — both vital elements in the art of seduction — but it compounds the ‘feel better, have more sex’ cycle she describes above.

An important closing note from Dober, however, was that if you just can’t face the thought of taking an ice-cold dip, then any form of exercise will prove beneficial in the bedroom.

Carly Dober is a firm believer in the link between cooler climes and better sex. Image: Enriching Lives

High-intensity training of all kinds has been found to have a beneficial impact on testosterone levels in men, playing a crucial role in various bodily functions including inflammatory responses, desire, and fat distribution, all of which are “factors that again lead back to increased sexual confidence”.

Bridget Scholes, a sexologist, echoes Dober’s enthusiasm. In particular, she takes up Dober’s point on self-confidence, extending it to how we interact with our loved ones and lovers:

“When we feel good about ourselves by engaging in physical activity, our self-confidence builds, and this can translate into how we communicate with our partner.”

Bridget Scholes

Scholes also highlights the importance of shared activities in the wider context of a relationship. Cold water swimming, when done together as a couple, can foster a stronger connection and intimacy between partners: “The shared experience of plunging into cold water can create a sense of bonding and adventure, deepening the emotional and physical connection.”

Couples that swim together, stay together. Images: Westend

If all this sounds appealing, you might be wondering where the best spots might be to make a start and get your sex life simmering. Well, for our fellow Aussies, we have a few recommendations. If you’re simply looking to get away from it all, some of the most secluded pools out there are available for rent on Swimply, like this tropical oasis, this secret Maroubra paradise, or this Balinese magnesium pool. If you’re looking to take someone special along, this saltwater pool, this stunning amphitheatre pool, or a little-known Turramurra Oasis are some of the most romantic spots to get your swim on.

Whether you’re seeking self-confidence or a deeper connection, cold water swimming offers more than just a refreshing dip. Dive in, and let the chilly waters turn up the heat.