Best Go Karting Tracks In Sydney To Outpace Your Mates

The fastest go karting tracks in Sydney for fearless bastards.

Australia is no stranger to high-speed thrills, and you can enjoy pushing the pedal to the metal at Sydney’s best go karting tracks. Sydney is home to a surprising number of go karting tracks for proving your driving skills, and while none of them are found in the CBD or surrounding areas (there’s no space, for a start) just a short drive out west or south will bring you to an open playing field of tarmac just begging to be torn up.

While you’re probably past your prime and are unlikely to challenge the best drivers in the world – many of whom started their careers in go karting – you can certainly put your driving skills to the test in a completely new style of vehicle. Solution? Let’s do the best go karting Sydney has to offer you wildlings.

So whether it’s for a bucks party, a day out with the boys or even a fun and original date idea, here are the best go karting tracks in Sydney.

Hyper Karting

The Entertainment Quarter, Level 5 Car Park, 207 Park Road S, Moore Park, 2021

The newest track for go karting in Sydney comes from Hyper Karting. Hyper by name and hyper most certainly by nature, Hyper Karting has an array of electric-powered go karts for you to race. Why is this is a big deal? Put simply, they’re going to be faster than most petrol-powered go karts. The go karting track itself used to be a car park, and as a result, Hyper Karting is home to the longest indoor go karting track in Australia at 410-metres.

Adult and junior groups can be be catered for, along with corporate functions, and considering its close proximity to Sydney CBD, it could just be the best go karting track in Sydney.

Spitfire Paintball & Go Karts

Corner George Street & Station Avenue, Concord West, 2138

Sydney Go-Karting - Spitfire Paintball & Go-Karts

We’ll save the subject of paintball for another time, at Spitfire, it’s all about the indoor go karting track. Boasting one of the biggest indoor tracks in the entire Sydney region, Spitfire’s circuit benefits from the same lap timing software that’s used at Ferrari World Dubai, meaning there should be no debate as to who really got the fastest time between you and your mates.

Every wannabe racer is given full training and instruction (go-karts are completely different beasts to cars) and with 10 full minutes of racing action per paid session, you should have ample time to complete a few hot laps. If you have your own go-kart and want somewhere to test it out or just have some fun, you can hire out the Spitfire track too.

Extreme Indoor Go Karting Sydney

Unit 3/66 Christina Road, Villawood, 2163

Sydney Go-Karting - Extreme Indoor Go-Karting Sydney

Extreme Indoor Go-Karting Sydney has three separate go karting tracks at its facility catering to complete beginners, speed-demons and those who want a truly professional racing experience. The day you go will determine which track(s) are available to you, as the first two (beginner and speed) are only in operation at the weekend, since the team make some adjustments to the main professional go karting track.

Extreme Indoor Go-Karting is also home to Australia’s (and by and way Sydney’s) only fast-paced overseas bridge, adding a completely new obstacle into the mix when battling it out with other drivers on the track. Drivers aged 13 and over are given full use of 270cc Honda go karts, capable of speeds up to 80km/h, which when you’re so close to the ground and sitting in something that weighs practically nothing, will feel a hell of a lot faster.

Sydney Premier Karting Park

50 Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek, 2766

Sydney Go-Karting - Sydney Premier Karting Park

For even faster thrills, head to Sydney Premier Karting Park. This outdoor venue boasts 13hp Sodi RT8 go karts, capable of speeds up to 100km/h, making that dream of becoming the next Lewis Hamilton that little bit more achievable. Go karts are fitted with racing grip tyres too, allowing you to throw them into bends without worrying too much about spinning out.

The team at Sydney Premier Karting Park aren’t just there to be on call if you do crash out, but are there to help you improve your driving ability and will explain the best racing lines and pedal techniques to take to achieve the best times around their go karting track. SPKP can also cater to corporate events and can hold their own version of Grand Prix tournaments, ideal for birthday parties or bucks parties. A diamond in the Sydney go karting crown.

Outdoor Go Karts Sydney

20 Swettenham Road, Minto, 2566

Outdoor Go Karts Sydney positions itself as being the perfect go-karting track in Sydney for bucks parties, team building and general ‘man’ days. The main focus of a trip to Outdoor Go-Karts is, of course, the racing, wherein you will be able to race it out over two sessions, with points awarded and a winner crowned at the end.

But this venue also has its own party bus which will gladly drive you to some local pubs to carry on your evening into the early hours and you can even be joined by the centre’s flag girls to really spice things up a bit. Outdoor Go-Karts also has its own onsite “man cave” with an array of arcade games and a sound system, which you care hire out.

Luddenham Raceway

821-849 Luddenham Road, Luddenham, 2745

Sydney Go-Karting - Luddenham Raceway

Luddenham Raceway is a relatively new entertainment complex in Western Sydney, having only been opened in 2018. Not only does it feature a go-karting track, but you can also put your own car through its paces on a dedicated racing track and partake in a spot of paintball. It’s the go karting track we’re focusing on, however, and there are actually two: a short 200m track for beginners and a longer 600m track with 12 corners and elevation changes for older racers.

Luddenham’s go karting track works predominantly on an arrive and drive basis and so doesn’t take bookings. If you do want to book, you’ll need to rally up a group of at least 10 and get yourselves involved in a Grand Prix-style tournament. The Pro Circuit (the longer one) is also kitted out with night-time LED lights, so you can be assured of racing action after dark.

Picton Karting Track

200 Picton Road, Picton, 2571

Sydney Go-Karting - Picton Karting Track

Picton is another outdoor go karting track in Sydney that is home to an enviable range of go kart racing to suit all abilities and loves for speed, with its top-of-the-range 17hp karts weighing in at just 80kg and capable of speeds up to 110km/h. Session times for all karts except those 17hp monsters are 15 minutes (10 minutes for the big boys).

Picton also hosts a comprehensive range of group packages, from Grand Prix challenges to birthday parties and bucks or even hens parties. So if you’ve got an event coming up and fancy something a little different with regards to entertainment, Picton is more than happy to oblige.

Indy 800 Kart Track

Butterfly Farm, 446 Wilberforce Road, Wilberforce, 2756

Sydney Go-Karting - Indy 800 Kart Track

Indy 800 Kart Track has been providing motoring thrills for Sydneysiders since 1997. The 800 in the track’s name refers to the length and at 800m, is one of the longest tracks for go karting in Sydney. Anyone wishing to race on the Indy 800 circuit using the centre’s go karts will need a venue-specific licence, but at $5 for a year, it shouldn’t pose an issue. Racing sessions can be either 10 or 15 minutes long (with a price difference to reflect).

If you have your own go kart and equipment, you can hire out the venue. You’ll need an annual membership for this and go karts will need to adhere to Indy 800’s safety rules. Corporate events are also possible at Indy 800 for groups with a minimum of 10 people and include a “Mega Prix” comprising a qualifying round, two 10 lap heats, a further 15 lap shootout and a final 18 lap race to determine who goes home the winner.

Ultimate Karting Sydney

40 Anderson Road, Smeaton Grange, Narellan, 2567

Sydney Go-Karting - Ultimate Karting Sydney

Ultimate Karting Sydney claims itself is to be literally that, to provide the ultimate go karting in Sydney for both indoor and outdoor tracks. This indoor all-weather venue is home to a 450m long track that, at 6m wide, will provide ample room to accelerate out of corners and improve your racing lines. The beefy Sodi SR5 karts (of which there are 20) have been geared specifically for use on the UKS track so that you’ll be able to feel the sheer thrills of accelerating, braking and cornering.

You’ll need an annual UKS licence to be able to use the track, but it does come with a branded balaclava. Once at the venue, you’ll be able to use the facilities for groups, parties and corporate functions, and when you’re not putting the pedal to the metal, you can have a go in UKS’ motion simulator, where you can experience what it feels like to throw a supercar around Bathurst or Melbourne’s Albert Park.

Go Karting Sydney FAQ

How dangerous is go karting?

It's relatively safe providing you wear all the necessary protective equipment like a helmet, gloves, etc.

What speed do go karts go?

Hire go-karts can reach speeds up to 80 km/h

How much does go-karting cost?

On average it will cost around A$50 for a 15-minute session.