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18 Best Golf Towels To Wipe Away The Tears

Prevent your golf clubs from getting filthy with the best golf towels.

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It might not be the first thing you think about a quality golf towel when out on the course can prove to be incredibly beneficial. You’ve no doubt got other accessories nailed down, such as a golf hat to protect you from the sun or golf shoes for the trek between holes. But having the best golf towel is an essential that is often overlooked.

Thing is, they do more than just wipe the sweat that pools under your visor at hole 16, but they can keep the grip dry to prevent your club from being sent flying from your hands. A good golf towel can actually be the deciding factor on how well your clubs perform as well as how long they will last.

Your golf club is everything, an extension of your own arms, and maintaining them after they pick up dirt, sand or any other earthly material is the purpose of the best golf towels.

Golf drivers for example, are the kind of club that can tear up the green, sending dirt and grass all over the face of the club, and if you try hitting that next hole with a dirty driver, say goodbye to that low handicap you were going for.

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Towel

The best golf towels are made of special fabrics and constructed in specific patterns designed to wipe away anything that will impair your performance. They can wipe clean the whole face of your driver and get into the grooves and cavities of your putters, and at the same time keep them looking as fresh as before you took them out of your bag.

You’ll never find a professional on tour without a golf towel and we want you to experience the same level of performance next time you hit the fairway.

Brands across the whole spectrum of golf have added their own personal styles when creating their golf towels, from the tour-level brands of Callaway and Nike to smaller brands that offer something for every level of golfer such as GT Golf Supplies and Bag Boy.