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14 Best Golf Drivers To Buy

Struggling to reach the green? You need a high quality driver.

Golf Drivers Featured Image

Looking for the best golf drivers to smash your golf ball as far as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. No other golf club in a golfer’s arsenal is going to be able to get your ball close to the fairway, from the tee.

Designed to launch the ball and keep it straight while in flight, the driver is the most powerful club to get you as close to the flag. It has the largest head of all your clubs, one of the widest hitting faces and one of the strongest shafts, commonly made of graphite.

Commonly known as ‘1-woods’ throughout the long history of golf, they were previously made of persimmon or hickory wood, but today, the game has evolved to incorporate stronger metals such as steel, titanium and even carbon fibre.

A lot of research and engineering goes into creating the highest-performing golf drivers and a lot of the major brands including Callaway, TaylorMade and Bridgestone have applied scientific precision that takes into account every detail, from the moment of inertia, when the clubface meets the ball, to the right angle from which to strike for the highest launch.

There’s a lot that goes into improving your game, even before you’ve put your clubs in the bag and set off for the course. If you’re looking for what will give you an advantage, before you set up your driving shot, check out the rangefinders guide for more.

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