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The Best Golf Bags For Every Type of Golfer

Strut around the course in style with one of the best golf bags.

The Best Golf Bags For Every Type of Golfer

Golf, one of the most popular sports in the world, has been proven to improve both physical and mental health, however, the little-known key to a perfect game of golf is having the best possible equipment whilst looking effortlessly fashionable. Forget clubs for movement, we’re talking about having the best golf bag on the course.

Looking fashionable can be easily achieved by wearing stylish golf attire, but your look can be elevated with a sophisticated golf bag. But you need a golf bag that’s also functional so you can entirely focus on your game. A cool golf bag will keep your clubs protected and organised, will easily hold all of your golf necessities, and won’t tire you out when lugging it from hole to hole.

Features to look for in a golf bag

The best golf bags need to have features that strike a balance between function, comfort, and style. Are you a walker or cart rider? Or do you feel the need to store extra accessories like a rangefinder? Once you’ve figured these out, you can assess what type of golf bag you need (see below).

All types of golf bags, however, should have some of the same essential features; pockets are an ideal feature to help you stash any accessories such as golf balls, tees, and even your necessities like your phone and water bottle. Another essential feature to look out for is the strap because you will eventually lug the bag from hole to hole, so a comfortable, padded strap is a must-have as it’ll keep your shoulders healthy for those later rounds.

Different types of golf bags

There are many types of golf bags, with the most common type being the carry bag, which is the smallest and lightest option. They are sometimes known as Sunday bags because they are generally used during casual rounds and for those golfers who want to walk the course and not be weighed down.

Another type that you will come across regularly as you shop around, is the stand bag. They come with two retractable legs that cause them to stand, making it easy to access your golf clubs between holes.

Finally, there’s the cart golf bag, which is specifically designed to sit on the back of push carts or powered golf carts. Cart bags are the largest and heaviest types of golf bags, so if you’re a golfer who likes to bring a lot of equipment to the course, a cart bag is the golf bag of choice for you.

So, if you’re looking for a new smart-looking, practical golf bag for your new swanky golf club membership or an upcoming business trip or just to spoil yourself – we’ve teed up the best golf bags on the market.