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13 Best Golf Balls To Drive A Mile

If you want to improve your game, you need to arm yourself with some of the best golf balls around.

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Like the game itself, golf balls have come a long way. And if you want your game to improve, you need to have some of the best golf balls in your bag.

You may think that a golf ball is just a golf ball, and that something that has never changed shape, could actually be susceptible to so much innovation. Over the years, centuries even, the golf ball has had a few iterations. We’ve had wooden balls, leather balls wrapped in cow hair, balls wrapped in feathers and straw, but it wasn’t until ol’ Coburn Haskell put a rubber thread into a ball and bounced it that the modern version of the golf ball was born.

You can break golf balls down into three main types, each of which serves a unique function for any situation you might face on the fairway and are constructed differently for their desired performance.

Firstly, there are distance golf balls. These balls have have larger cores, which could be seen as the engine of the ball, and are typically the first ball you’re going to hit with your driver on that all-important first shot to boost yardage.

Spin control golf balls are designed to bring the ball to a halt on the green with better backspin when it lands and also to prevent it from spiralling out of control or being carried off by the wind while in flight.

Finally, tour performance golf balls provide the best of both worlds and are used by the pros on the major tours. These golf balls are constructed with multiple layers to help provide both distance and spin characteristics, making them possibly the best golf ball option to choose if you really want to improve your game.

Naturally, there is a wide variety of brands producing a variety of golf balls, which can make choosing not only the type of golf ball you want hard, but also deciding which brand makes the best ball for you.

To help take some of the decision making out of the equation, we’ve rounded up some of the best golf balls currently available from the very best golf brands on the planet.