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12 Best Golf Rangefinders To Reach The Pin In Less Shots

Get to the green every time with these best golf rangefinders.

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Technology really does offer convenience, and with the game of golf, the best golf rangefinders serve to save you walking to the hole to measure the distance you need to make when you swing your golf clubs.

There are two types of modern rangefinder: GPS, and laser. GPS golf rangefinders use GPS information in order to calculate your position and distance from the hole to give you pretty accurate readings with regards to how far you need to hit your golf ball.

As for laser rangefinders, these use laser technology to bounce off an object, the flag most likely, to measure the distance. So the more powerful the laser, the more accurate the reading which also includes measuring the slope, which is simply the elevation of the distance.

What To Look For In A Golf Rangefinder

For amateur golfers, picking out the right rangefinder can be an overwhelming experience, since there is such a wealth of variation with regards to features. There is a lot that can be accounted for: what sort of ground will you be playing on? for instance. Is a GPS or a laser more suitable? Do I need to have a slope? These questions are all relevant, but if you are just starting out, there’s really only one question you need to ask: can your rangefinder find the target?

The purpose of any golf rangefinder is to effectively and accurately locate your target and measure the distance between it and yourself, allowing you to select the best golf club for the job and swing it with the right technique. Some golf rangefinders do this better and more accurately than others, but all will ultimately fulfil this role, making it an essential out on the course.

So, now you know what to look out for, it now comes down to which brands and which models will act as the best possible assistant when you’re out on the green. We like to think we know a thing or two about golf here at DMARGE, and so have put together this definitive list of the best golf rangefinders available to buy right now.